Working from Home: 5 Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Sanctuary

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Let’s be real, girls, you can never have enough candles! Not only do they smell incredible, they’re a great way to add ambiance to any room in the house, including your office space.

Hong Kong is notorious for its lack of square footage, so if you don’t happen to have a “study” per se, lighting your favourite candle in any room will still guarantee cosy vibes and a sense of calm. We’ll take an Earl Grey to go, please!

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Plants and Flowers

Instantly refresh any desk or workspace with a vase full of gorgeous blooms! Whether you prefer artificial or the real thing, a pop of colour will spark creativity and add a touch of sophistication and depth to a plain white desk or worktop.

If you’re not a fan of flowers, or if you’re looking for something to last in the humidity then why not go sustainable and opt for a potted plant? Breathing new life into a stale environment, productivity will be at an all time high!

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Music is an awesome motivator, and whatever your jam, it’s a sure fire way to lift your spirits and make those deadlines seem less daunting.

Sing your heart out as you power through endless emails, or search for a playlist that’ll keep you focused on the task ahead. Music is a great way to switch up the vibe of a room, and is completely versatile!

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A Planner

If (like me!) you’re obsessed with stationery and spend more time than you’d like to admit to watching bullet journaling videos on YouTube… then this is is the tip for you.

Nothing speeds up productivity like a brand new notebook or by making lists. Start your day off by taking note of what needs to be completed (using pretty, colour pencils, of course) and have something tangible in front of you to keep as a reference and goal. Plus, it’ll look super Pinteresty on your worktop! #deskgoals

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A clutter-free space is essential to a stress-free sanctuary! Being surrounded by a messy area makes it hard to concentrate and gives us plenty of excuses to avoid getting things done (how can you focus when you’re eyeing a wrapper on the floor?).

Whether you’re storing notebooks, files or odds and ends, baskets, holders and pots are your best friend. Keep your things all together and easy to find, leaving plenty of room to spread out and stay focused.

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