10 Home Décor Items Inspired by Pinterest that You Can Find in IKEA

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Sheepskin Rug

After weeks of trawling through websites and visiting home décor stores, you’ve finally found the perfect carpet to bring the room together – but something’s missing! Easy to pair with different textures and interior looks, a sheepskin rug is definitely an underrated home accessory. Simply sling multiple rugs over dining room or office chairs, or lay one next to your bed for a soft (literally!) room finishing. And whether you prefer wool or synthetics, IKEA have both options in a creamy white and black – two staple colours that’ll quickly tie any room together.

Hong Kong homes are notoriously small, so why not save on space and double a quirky, wicker ottoman as a stool for guests? You can even use it as a side table, or take inspiration from Pinterest and layer the woollen rug over the top of the straw textured ottoman for a Scandinavian-Boho chic look!

Get the look: LUDDE Sheepskin Rug ($459), ALSEDA Ottoman ($249.90)

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Black and White Geometric Rug

If you’re just as obsessed with browsing homeware on Pinterest, you’ll know that this rug has been doing the rounds for a while now! The chic black and white geometric pattern is surprisingly easy to pair with just about anything and is an extremely wallet-friendly option that’ll spice up any living or bedroom. I love the idea of using a marble table top to offset the unusual pattern – add gold or rose gold metals to soften the look. You could also use the black and white as a base for a more colourful rug on top!

Get the look: LAPPLJUNG RUTA Black and White Rug ($990)

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Light Pink Corner Sofa

On first thought, a pink sofa probably isn’t high on one’s furniture wish-list, and honestly, I was a little skeptical of this colour – but after seeing similar pieces styled multiple ways on Pinterest, I can now see how it would work!

The pink corner sofa would add a soft pop of colour against a classic monochrome setting. Or pair it with leafy greens (like in the picture above!) for a cool, contemporary vibe that’s super on-trend. We all know flats in Hong Kong can be laid out a little weirdly, so opting for a sofa that hugs one side of the wall would mean that there’s more space for, err… more décor items (yay!).

Get the look: SÖDERHAMN Corner section cover, Samsta light pink ($570)

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Nesting Coffee Table

I, for one, am in love with nesting tables. And living in just 300 square feet of apartment, these stackable surfaces are a life saver when it comes to hosting guests, but maximising floor space! Plus, they’re pretty much showcased EVERYWHERE on enviable Pinterest ‘homes’ and look amazing decked out with pink flowers and candles. If you’re on the hunt for a dupe, this set of two from IKEA is so affordable when you would easily pay quadruple the amount in high-end homeware stores (for the Pinterest-worthy reasoning alone!).

At just $599 for both tables, they’re light, compact and durable (and easily replaced for those with teething puppies at home!). So, why not get creative and embark on a little DIY venture by spray painting the black skirting gold, or any colour that matches your interior?

Get the look: VITTSJÖ Nest of tables, set of 2, black-brown, glass ($599)

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Turquoise Bar Cart

I’ve been lusting after a shiny, gold bar cart for yonks – a chic and sophisticated platform to showcase all those fancy bottles you end up with after the holidays and a fun centre piece for parties. However, the price has always been a deterrent and I can’t quite bring myself to fork out thousands for something ‘that looks really cool’… or so my boyfriend keeps telling me. Never fear, you can rock a similar look from IKEA! At just $569, this trolley may not be quite as dainty, but it’s available in four different colours and you’ll avoid taking out a small mortgage for it!

Think, rustic-chic (is that a thing?) – an addition that not only adds a quirky pop of colour to your flat, but showcases your favourite wines too – win, win! Stack the shelves with your finest IKEA champagne glasses, fancy cocktail shaker and ice bucket to complete the look.

Get the look: RÅSKOG Trolley, Turquoise ($569)

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Silver Lantern

Candles are a fantastic addition to any household (one on EVERY surface should suffice I’d say), and in turn, lanterns are one of those home décor items that can seriously class up the look of your home for minimal money.

A year-round addition, they’re a great way to make a flat feel homely. As the months roll on, they’re also an easy item that will transition the look of your home for the winter months. This inexpensive silver lantern would easily pair with a sheepskin rug and gussy up neighbouring metallics. Silver with white candles? Hello Christmas!

Get the look: LAGRAD Lantern block candle ($199.90)

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Wire Basket-Style Storage Tables

We’re all about saving space in the 852 (#hongkongproblems), so finding pieces that look cute but are also really practical are a must! These wire storage tables play both cards well. They look like they’re fresh out of those homeware boards and are a trendy way of storing all of those extra throws, fluffy blankets and cushions (especially if they’re colourful or patterned).

The open wiring of the table makes the room feel more breathable and less cluttered, while the acrylic top can easily be painted and decorated if you’re not keen on the lacquer look.

Get the look: KVISTBRO Storage table, white ($599)

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Multi Coloured Serving Tray

Double plates as home décor (on the cheap!) by layering and displaying them on mantles and cupboards.  This fun and colourful tray would make a fun and functional ornament that would jazz up a plain wall and look cool as a serving platter at a party (we’re all about that practical life!). Roll with the Moroccan vibes and pair with colourful throws and and ottomans, or class it up with cream and grey colour schemes!

Get the look: OFFENTLIG Tray, patterned multicolour ($79.90)

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Decorative Silver Mirror

I don’t know about you, but with most of the flats I’ve lived in here in Hong Kong (five to be exact!) there’s always an awkward shelf space or section of wall that looks a bit odd when left bare. I’ve found that a good mirror goes a long way in opening up a small space and filling those weird blanks. Although there are tons of cheaper mirror options available in IKEA (feel free to browse!) finding one that’s wide enough to fill a space properly is not always easy, nor is finding one that looks mod and high-end. The detailing on this mirror in particular transforms it to a statement home décor piece of its own.

Get the look: SONGE Mirror, silver-colour ($990)

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Transparent Desk Chair

For those lucky enough to have a spare room to turn in to an office, there are countless, cool styling tips available online. Home offices quickly becoming statement rooms as well as a sanctuaries. If you follow any lifestyle bloggers and YouTubers, you’ll notice that they’re quick to do an ‘office tour’, showcasing big Apple desktops on top of clean white desks and modish transparent chairs – all paired with a decorative cushion of course.

Personally, I like that these chairs look unbranded. No one would be able to tell that you’ve just hit up IKEA! What’s more, they’re so easily styled with something like a quirky cushion (sheepskin rug, anyone?).

Get the look: TOBIAS, Chair, transparent, chrome-plated ($699), Stockholm Black and White cushion ($149.90)

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