6 July, 2015
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Makeover your Study Space or Home Office

6 July, 2015

A beautiful workspace is the key to a beautiful day’s work, so why not spend some time perfecting your own home office or study space with some of these simple and inspired styling and decoration ideas? Happy decorating, Sassy girls!

Inspirational prints
Inspirational prints can be found online on Etsy (see our Sassy Etsy Guide here!), eBay and even Taobao (see our Sassy Taobao Guide here, too). Pick a print that reflects you and represents your mottos to add a gorgeous, motivational touch to your workspace.

Makeover Study:Home 1Comfortable rug
A comfy rug is a must in your desk space. It doesn’t have to be big; a small rug can do the trick for adding texture to the styling and will bring comfort and warmth to your study nook.

Let there be light
are a flawless way to bring light in to your home office. With coloured glass candles and scents like sandalwood, driftwood, fig and white tea, you can mix and match to cosy up any desk. Fairy lights and clip-on lamps are also great for a calming atmosphere. We love the WWF Soy Wax Tin Candles which we included in this edition of What Sassy Wants!

Makeover Study:Home 2Inspiration board
This is a fab way to help create a theme or feel in your workspace. Get creative and cut up some of those old magazines, print pics off Pinterest and Tumblr and stick them together on a cork board or press them with double sided tape to the wall area directly above and behind your desk. These pics will provide inspo when you need it, and a personalised aesthetic with images of all the things you love.

Greenery adds some lush and much-needed life to any workspace. From all-sorts of pretty cacti to elegant, lucky bamboo, plants are a charming must to freshen up drab and dreary interiors. Why not stop by the flower market to pick something up? Our Flower Market Guide has you covered.

Makeover Study:Home 3Motivational mug
Every girl needs a go-to mug for coffee, tea and hot chocolates while working! There are plenty of perfect motivational mugs to choose from on Etsy, or pop into Typo at Cotton On.

Organisation Stationery
Who said organisation had to be bland? Forget ugly notebooks and pens and get organised! You can purchase cute pen holders, to-do lists, sticky notes, diaries, calendars and storage boxes from places like Typo and kikki.K. Stick to your office space colour palette for consistency and you’ll be set to work efficiently and in style.

Makeover Study:Home 4Planters
Planters are in and here to stay! Pop those cacti in a unique and gorgeous planter. You can buy read-made concrete, paint-dipped or copper-dipped planters off Etsy for a colourful, industrial look.

Mason jars
Mason jars are a super versatile and easy addition to any study space! You can use glue and glitter to dip them in powdery shimmer and add some glitz, or paint them for a worn, rustic and pastel look. Mason jars can double as storage for pens, pencils and other stationery bits, or as vases for flowers or small plants.

Makeover Study:Home 5Magazine stack
If you have a magazine collection that would make any girl swoon, don’t hide it away! Magazine collections are so much fun and can be used as a room accessory. Simply stack them neatly on top of each other in a tower with the spine facing outwards.

Keep cords out of sight
A cluster of tangled cords doesn’t look good, so keep unsightly loose cords at bay. You can do this by using Velcro strips or zip ties to secure them into an organised cluster. You could also get your hands on a super chic Belt Cable from Hong Kong brand Native Union.


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