22 October, 2012
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Tricks & treats to plan your Halloween Party!

22 October, 2012

Halloween has got to be one of the most popular events in Hong Kong. A time to dress up, watch scary movies and eat as many sweets as possible – what’s not to love?! This Halloween, we’ve created a deadly food table for our unsuspecting party guests, so if you’re looking to throw a Halloween party this year, have a look at some of our tricks and treats to get you in the spooky spirit!

For our Halloween party we decided to go with a traditional black, white and orange colour scheme, but you can also use colours such as purple and green if you want to brighten up your party. To create a creepy setting we used lots of props such as skeleton bones, bats, spiders and cobwebs. Other great props you can use are pumpkins, cats, witches hats and tombstones. You can find all these props on Pottinger Street, Toys R Us, or even at your local supermarket or stationary shop.

Another way to create an eerie atmosphere is to have lots of candles. You can even drip red candle wax over the top of your candles so they look like they are oozing blood!

Halloween menus are so fun to make! You can really get creative and test your guests to see if they dare take your treats. Here are a few goodies worth screaming about.

Halloween themed dishes:

Carrot fingers and dip
Possessed Pizzas (Pizzas with cheese ghosts on top)
Frankenstein Frankfurts (Sausages wrapped in pastry)
Rest in Pieces (Meringue shaped bones with strawberry coulis)
Haunted Cupcakes

We got these scarily delicious cupcakes made by Baking Maniac.

Halloween is also the time to scoff as many sweets and candy as possible, so our dessert table wouldn’t be complete without a few spellbinding sweets! Pick up some creepy candy, like chocolate eyeballs, Reese’s Pieces, marshmallows and gummy worms.

Halloween sweets are really easy to find; Oliver’s, City’super, Jason’s Marketplace, Marks & Spencer, Gateway, Wellcome and Park N Shop all have a great selection.

One of our favourite Halloween dishes was the Frankenstein Frankfurts. This dish was very easy to make and only took 30-40 minutes.

What you need:

Frankfurters or sausages (We chose to use sausages)
Puff pastry
1 Egg

  1. First slice your puff pastry into thin strips.
  2. Carefully wrap one strip around the top of the sausage to create a head bandage.
  3. Leaving a little space for the face continue to wrap the rest of your sausage with strips of puff pastry until you reach the end of your sausage.
  4. Place on baking tray and brush with egg wash.
  5. Cook for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius until golden.
  6. Once sausages are cooked and cooled, use the tip of a chopstick and dab little blobs of mustard to the sausage face and voila! An easy Halloween dish everyone can enjoy.

What would Halloween be without some spook-tacular costumes to dress up in? Toys R Us has a selection of adult Halloween costumes, whilst there are rich pickings to be had at party costume fave Matteo Party and the market stalls on Pottinger Street, Wan Chai and Mong Kok… or you can get even more creative and DIY your own!

We hope our Halloween tips help you avoid any nasty nightmares and we wish you a horrifying Halloween!

A special thank you to family photographer Darren LeBeuf for contributing his talents for this article!


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