18 October, 2016
halloween makeup looks
halloween makeup looks

3 DIY Halloween Makeup Looks with FACESLAP!

18 October, 2016
halloween makeup looks

Step up your Halloween game with FACESLAP!


Still tossing up whether to go as a kitten or a witch for Halloween? Boring! We enlisted a little expert help from the founders of FACESLAP! to help us come up with some fabulous makeup and body paint costume ideas. It’s clear to see why this crazy cool company are booked out for Halloween months in advance, as these looks are unreal! From a quick and easy costume that can be created with just the contents of your overflowing makeup bag, to serious #halloweengoals, we’ve got some spooky inspiration – no bones about it!

jigsaw halloween makeup look

When you’re stuck for time: Jigsaw

So, your spooky (yet hella cute!) costume has been outlined in your mind for weeks and have been meaning to get yourself down to Pottinger Street on your lunch break for days now… but, you haven’t. We totally get it – but don’t fret. This simple makeup look is quick to do, can be dressed up or down to be as scary as you desire, and best of all, requires minimal effort on your part. Dig out the black eyeliner and red lippy, we’re channeling horror fan favourite, Jigsaw!

a collage of a girl getting her halloween makeup done

– Embrace a paler complexion with a dusting of your lightest face powder and ‘winter’ foundation. Set your base with baby powder or, if you have any to hand, use a sponge to buff white face paint all over.

 girl getting her halloween makeup done

Take the smokey eye look to the extreme. We’re going for sullen, so don’t be shy with the black eyeshadow! Use a medium sized brush and fill in two large circles over your eyes and your darkest kohl pencil to fill in both your upper and lower water lines. Hollow out your cheek bones with the same black shade (the FACESLAP! pros used our favourite NAKED 2 palette from Urban Decay).

– Choose your boldest, bloodiest shade of red lippy. Long wearing liquid lipsticks and stains would put up the best fight against jello shots, but red paint would also finish the job nicely. Use the same colour to draw a spiral, going in opposite directions, on each cheek.

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Two vertical lines drawn in eyeliner or paint finishes up that creepy puppet look you’re striving for! Push the boat out with a cheapo black wig and red bow tie a la any fancy dress store.

rainbow clown halloween look

Easy to follow: Rainbow Clown

With clowns going viral and the craziness surrounding the whole trend recently, we can only expect just a few thousand haunting Hong Kong streets this Halloween. But we’re mixing it up and keeping it fresh with a slighter tamer, less ‘run and hide’ vibe that (we promise!) is not as complicated as it looks!

Go grab yourself some good quality face and body paints. FACESLAP! has all the deets on where to snap up every colour of the rainbow – which is rather ideal as you’ll be needing them for this Rainbow Clown look!

a collage of a girl getting her halloween makeup done

– Sponge white paint all over your face and your desired colour (we’ve gone for green and blue!) in the shape of a circle over one eye. Once dry, blend a darker shade of the same colour over the top, focusing on the eyelids and below your lash lines. Take a second colour and create an upside triangle shape over your other eye, also blending in a darker shade on top.

halloween clown makeup look

– We opted for bright contrasting colours, using a dusky pink instead of the conventional red for our clown nose! Use a dark red to fully outline your lips, adding a white streak on both one side of your nose and mouth for an added 3D effect.

painting a clown collar

Start adding cool details. Use a thin brush and jet black paint to bring your look to life! Draw an upside down eyebrow, mark crosses around one eye and go to town on scars and scruff marks. Paint a black line in between your lips and draw up from the corners of your mouth to achieve that creepy, Joker-inspired smile.

rainbow clown body paint

– Finish up with a rainbow collar. Using a large flat brush, paint bold multicoloured strokes from your chin down to your collar bones and out towards your shoulders. Fill in the blanks with black paint that creeps up towards your chin, filling in around your jaw.

Dust with glitter! Just because…

sugar skull halloween look

Go all out: Sugar Skull

A tribute to girls with the guts to go all out! We’re totally unashamed to say to say that we’re jealous of those who make a huge effort, seriously, how cool is this?! Set aside those broken cat ears for another year ladies, Sugar Skulls are in and we’re loving it!

sugar skull makeup look

– Start with an all over white base, leaving your mouth area clear of paint. Use a sponge to pat pink paint in the shapes of two large circles over both eyes. Once dry, dab a darker shade of purple over the top to produce a mottled affect.

– Bust out that black eyeliner or paint and smudge all over your eyelids, below your brows and sweep heavily under your lash line.

face painting a sugar skull
– Start filling in your base with intricate details. Okay, admittedly this one’s hard to follow if, like us, you’re lacking an artist’s touch, but why not give it a go! Using a sponge, softly dab purple paint below your hair line and line with black and white to create a flower-inspired pattern, adding in green leaves and sprinkling with glitter.

sugar skull inspired makeup

– Use a thin brush to draw little strokes in the shape of tribal looking swirls around your eyes and to outline of your whole face. Fill in gaps with bright pink dots!

– Channel your inner skeleton and paint your nose black, follow by outlining your mouth from cheek to cheek.

halloween face paint, sugar skulls

Go to town with the fangs! Alternate with black and white triangles making sure your lips are lost amongst the black.

-Finish with a cheeky tongue and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. You’re about to take your Instagram feed up a notch!

FACESLAP!, Tel: 6761 3690, www.faceslap.net

halloween gif


Happy Halloween, Sassy Girls!

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