11 January, 2018
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4 Podcasts You Need to Download if You Live in Hong Kong

11 January, 2018



Podcasts are taking the world by storm, but did you know we have some seriously high-quality content created, posted and streamed right here in our own city? We went on the hunt to find Hong Kong’s most interesting podcasts, and here’s what we found…

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In #Impact, host Regina Larko, takes us through interviews with some awe-inspiring members of the Hong Kong community and social impact space. We love these engaging and motivating chats with Hong Kong’s finest, and Larko’s enthusiasm is infectious in each episode. Varying from female empowerment to volunteering, the guests of the show are absolute experts in their field and really know their stuff – you’re guaranteed to learn something new with each listen! If you’re looking for some great one-on-ones, these will light a fire under your butt to make an #impact in your own daily life.

We recommend: Episode #33 – Making Zero Waste Possible in Hong Kong and Beyond with Fanny Moritz from NO!W No Waste.

Better in Bed

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a podcast by its title! Hosted by sex coach and experts, Sara Tang and Jye Smith, Better in Bed isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns when it comes to sex. Surprisingly funny and informative, you can expect open banter between the two hosts and their guests, which will perhaps even motivate you to have some open discussions with your own friends. Let’s be frank, we could all do with more candid sex talks in our lives…

We recommend: Episode 06: Opening up to open relationships

4 Podcasts You Need to Download if You Live in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Heritage

If you’re interested in exploring Hong Kong’s cultural, architectural and artistic heritage, you’ll love host, Annemarie Evans’ interviews with a variety of fascinating guests. Ranging from an exploration of Queens Road West’s history to the On Sharks and Humanity installation, the conversations provide a unique insight into Hong Kong’s history. You can find episodes of Hong Kong Heritage on RTHK weekly, with a weekly update available from the iTunes store.

We recommend: General Post Office (14 Jul 2017)

Hong Kong Confidential

Hosted by the boisterous Jules Hannaford, this newbie on the podcasting scene is all about the lives and journey of everyday Hong Kongers. Her personality and ability to create a comfortable environment for her guests leaves this show feeling intimate in a way many interview-heavy podcasts don’t. Hannaford has already managed to compile a fantastic and colourful roster of guests discussing topics such as dating and sexuality to entrepreneurship in our city, and we look forward to seeing who else she sits down with! This podcast is for anyone looking to understand what threads make up our unique cultural fabric, and maybe even learn something along the way.

We recommend: Episode 10: The Unsung Heroes with Jane Engelmann

Featured image courtesy of Andrew Haimerl via Unsplash, image #1 courtesy of Nic Low  via Unsplash 

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