These are the 10 Biggest Wellness Trends for 2018

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Gut Friendly Grub

Gut health is on the rise (+251% to be exact!), and with an estimated 70 million people suffering from digestive issues every day, people are balancing bacteria with gut-friendly foods and searching for recipes and inspiration to start the New Year off on the right foot.

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Training for Strength Over Size

Experts have been saying it for years, strong is sexy, with over 415% more people are searching for strength inspo online. In 2018, “strength training isn’t about hitting a goal weight, but discovering the amazing things the body can do.”

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Clean Air

Sadly an issue we face daily in Hong Kong, “the clean movement isn’t just about the food we eat, but the air we breathe,” with air purifiers and air purifying plants set to be on the ‘must-buy’ list this year.




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Making Time for a Post-Workout Routine

It’s all too tempting to collapse on the sofa after a sweaty session, however we’re about to see a rise in post-workout recovery. Pinterest has noted that there is a 105% increase in those pinning post-workout stretches and healthy snacks. It’s worth ditching the doritos and spending an extra couple of minutes helping your body to recover with stretching and good-for-you grub.

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Souping > Juicing

Leave juice cleanses in 2017, souping is soon to be the most delicious way to reset your diet this year! “Warm, soul-nourishing and full of flavourful nutrients, pins for puréed soup have risen by 306%.”

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Diet-Friendly Frying

Chuck away those chip pans, people are currently obsessed with air fryers. Using hot air instead of oil to churn out crisp alternatives, we’re ready to ditch the drive-thru for healthy versions of our greasy faves. Recipes are through the roof, with Pinterest addicts saving 1,809% more air fryer-friendly inspo.

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Tai Chi

No strangers to Tai Chi here in Honkers, “it has been shown to improve balance control, fitness, and flexibility as well as appearing to reduce pain and the symptoms of depression.” Which leaves no surprise in why wellness warriors are trying this ancient Chinese martial art to “create whole body  harmony.”

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Edible Essential Oils

We have a whole stash of essential oils that we use in oil burners, and drip into diffusers, but did you know that “there are many ways to reap the benefits of essential oils by using them to flavour a food dish?” With searches up by 689%, people are using oils (make sure it’s labelled food grade!) like peppermint and lemon in their cooking this year.

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Self-Care Staycations

Take some time out for a little TLC in the coming months and treat yourself to a self-care staycation! We’re looking closer to home for more ‘me time’ and searching for ways that we can pamper ourselves in our pajamas.

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Super Coffees

Remember the age of bulletproof coffees? Our morning brew is in for an upgrade, where protein powders and superfoods like maca are stirred into the mix.

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