23 May, 2019
Taqueria Super Macho: Baja-Inspired Tacos and Drinks In PoHo
Taqueria Super Macho: Baja-Inspired Tacos and Drinks In PoHo
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Taqueria Super Macho: Baja-Inspired Tacos And Drinks In SoHo

23 May, 2019
Taqueria Super Macho: Baja-Inspired Tacos and Drinks In PoHo

Black Sheep Restaurant’s latest offering serves up well-executed and flavour-packed tacos, complete with an unfussy vibe and agreeable price point.

District: Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Cuisine: Baja-inspired taqueria
How much: Tacos range between $28 and 38; ceviche between $88 and $108; other dishes $38 and $88
Must Order: Grilled Chicken Tostada; Crispy Shrimp Taco
The Best for: Casual dining on any night of the week 

There’s a certain excitement around the opening of a new Black Sheep Restaurant. With everything from Vietnamese and Sri-Lankan, to Punjabi, Italian-American and more under its belt, the group seems to be able to do no wrong, bringing us a huge variety of different cuisines, that have all been touched with the same flair, enthusiasm and well-researched hand that makes a great restaurant. And despite operating Michelin-starred favourites such as New Punjab Club and Belon, in recent months the group has shifted towards more casual dining spots, that still offer an authentic and high quality meal, but at a more affordable price. In December BSR opened highly-praised Hotal Colombo, and now they’re at it again with what’s sure to be Sheung Wan’s newest dining hot spot – Taqueria Super Macho.

Taqueria Super Macho interior

Finding its home on SoHo’s Bridges Street (in the space that previously housed the old Yardbird), Taqueria Super Macho is bringing a touch of Mexican flair to the area. Inspired by the coastal roadside taqueria’s found in Baja and Jalisco, the restaurant offers something new. Hong Kong may have several Mexican restaurants already, but this new opening stands out from the crowd by offering up clean and fresh flavours, a laid-back vibe and plenty of whimsical (yet delicious) cocktails.

Taqueria Super Macho margarita

Split over two-stories, we ate in the airy and light ground floor dining area, complete with white-washed walls and pops of colour. And, as the space is dominated by a large tequila-focused bar area, we felt it only right to start off with a drink. The drinks menu here keeps in line with the agreeable price-point, with all cocktails ranging between $88 and $98. On offer are holiday favourites such as Margaritas, Pina Coladas and Daiquiris. A selection of Mexican beers and Aquas Frescas is also available, along with plenty of straight tequila for those who want it. We particularly enjoyed the Coco Loco ($98), served in a fresh coconut and filled with a concoction of hibiscus-infused tequila silver and coconut, along with the classic Frozen Margarita ($88).

Taqueria Super Macho guac and chips

You don’t need us to tell you to order the Warm Tortilla Chips & Guacamole ($68), but just in case there was any doubt, definitely do. Prepared in the traditional style, the guac is kept simple, with plenty of lime and salt, some chopped tomatoes and onion, and just a little chilli to provide some kick. After the guac and chips were swiftly polished off, we sampled the Rock Shrimp Aguachile ($88) which we loved. Packed with Bay scallops, rock shrimp and kanpachi fish, this fresh take on ceviche was served with retro flair in a margarita-style glass and garnished with a fan of fresh avocado slices. The seafood was marinated in a spicy tomato-based broth and had been hit with plenty of lime, giving a fresh and light alternative to a typical Peruvian-style ceviche. We found it was best to dive straight in with the crispy tostadas that were served alongside it, making sure to get plenty of fish and creamy avocado in every bite.

Another of our favourite dishes was the Grilled Chicken Tostada ($58). Piled high with black bean puree, guacamole, chilies, sour cream, pickled vegetables, cilantro and shredded grilled chicken, it wasn’t the prettiest dish, but it packed a big flavour hit. There’s a lot happening in one mouthful – crisp tostada base, creamy avocado and bean puree, a spicy kick from the chillies and punch of freshness from plenty of cilantro and lime – and it was only the thought of the tacos which were still to come that stopped us going back for round two.

Taqueria Super Mach taco toppings

Adopting a laissez-faire approach, all five of Taqueria Super Macho’s taco offerings are served “naked”, with all condiments and toppings served separately for diners to DIY their own perfect taco creation. We sampled the Crispy Shrimp ($38), Fish al Pastor ($38) and Adobo-Marinated Steak ($38), which were all served alongside salsa roja, salsa verde and crema, although other salsas and toppings are available for an additional cost. All were simple and delicious, with the undressed approach letting the main flavour of the protein shine, though the stand out for us was the crispy shrimp, and we enjoyed ours with plenty of crema, cabbage slaw, salsa verde and a generous dose of fresh lime. The all-important fresh corn taco itself was spot on, thin enough to not overwhelm the toppings or become heavy, but robust enough to work as the perfect vehicle for the flavour-bomb mouthful. Although we didn’t try it on this visit, we can’t wait to go back and try the vegetarian Adobo-Marinated Squash and Chiles Toreados, which is sure to keep both veggies and meat-eaters happy.

Taqueria Super Macho tacos

A great side that shouldn’t be missed is the Charcoal-Grilled Mexican Street Corn ($38). Black Sheep seem to have a knack for upgrading the humble sweetcorn, with its famed Crispy Caramel Butter Corn at Fukuro and Chôm Chôm’s irresistible corn dish bringing in the crowds, and Super Macho’s offering is no different. Charred and fully loaded with queso añejo, guajillo chilli and lime, this cheesy, zesty and spicy dish is sure to gain much acclaim.

Taqueria Super Macho charred corn

Our verdict: What Taqueria Super Macho does is offer up something a little different in our restaurant-saturated city. The well-researched, laid-back vibe is perfect for any day of the week, its flavours are big and its prices are right. With all tacos priced between $28 and $38 (with the most expensive dish coming in at only $108), you’re sure to leave more than satisfied and already planning your next visit. 

Taqueria Super Macho is open now, Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm until late. Walk-ins only.

Taqueria Super Macho, 33-35 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, www.taqueriasupermacho.com

All images courtesy of Annie Simpson and are property of Sassy Media Group.

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