29 October, 2021
corvine sparkling wine preservation system
corvine sparkling wine preservation system
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Save Your Sparkles With Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation

29 October, 2021
corvine sparkling wine preservation system scoop

Change the way you enjoy Champagne with the Coravin Sparkling wine preservation system.

I have a problem. A wine problem… specifically when it comes to Champagne (or Prosecco or sparkling wine for that matter!). It’s not that I drink too much, but rather not enough. Whether it’s wanting to be fresh for an early morning workout, to start a meal with bubbles before moving onto something different, or simply wanting to limit my alcohol intake, I rarely get through an entire bottle. 

A glass of sparkling is my go-to, but no one likes to see good fizz go to waste! So there lies my conundrum. Do I buy the good stuff, enjoy my glass and let the rest go flat? Do I not waste my money and opt for a more affordable bottle, knowing that half is going to end up down the drain? Thankfully, Coravin, the world leader in wine technology, has come up with a solution. 

coravin sparkling wine preservation system

What Is The Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System?

Coravin Sparkling is the first wine preservation system designed specifically for your sparkling wine, promising to keep your Champagne bubbly for at least two weeks. Now, you can open a bottle for Sunday mimosas, and keep the rest for a pre-dinner drink next Friday.

Coravin kindly sent team Sassy the Coravin  Sparkling Wine Preservation system, and for the love of Champagne, you can rest assured we gladly popped the cork in the name of research. 

The stylish box contains three key components – one Coravin Sparkling charger, two Coravin Sparkling stoppers and four Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 capsules. 

How Does The Coravin Sparkling System Work?

You start by cracking open your favourite bottle of bubbles and pouring a glass – easy! Next, attach the Champagne preserver, it works like most standard Champagne stoppers and fits any half, standard or magnum bottle. Then, the key difference – using the Coravin Sparkling charger. Simply press it on the stopper and gently push down. There’s an indicator on the side to let you know when the bottle is charged. 

As you come back over the next week or so to enjoy your bubbles just release the stopper, pour a glass, replace and recharge. Each capsule charges up to seven, 750ml bottles. 

Does The Coravin Sparkling System Really Work?

I sealed up my bottle on Friday night after having an end of week glass of bubbles while my other half sipped on his whiskey. I waited four days in the name of “research” before treating myself to another tipple. It was still crisp and fresh. The next thing I knew it was Friday again, and time for the real test. A week after opening with a regular Champagne stopper normally leaves you with more of a fizzle than fizz so I managed my expectations. But, true to its claim my glass of sparkling had retained its bubbles as if I’d just opened the bottle. 

With just one pour left in the bottle, I decided to wait until the two week mark to test out the claim of guaranteed preservation. True to form, the last glass was just as amazing as the first. 

coravin sparkling wine preservation system bar

It’s not just team Sassy who are convinced, the Coravin Sparkling System has the endorsement of Champagne powerhouse Moët Hennessy, which has made it their official preservation partner.

More From Coravin Sparkling

Extra stoppers and Coravin Pure capsules can be purchased separately. Still undecided? Your order comes with a 30-day risk-free trial and a one-year warranty – what do you have to lose?

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Coravin is offering Sassy readers 10% off. Simply use the code Sassy10 at checkout. Offer valid until November 21st. 

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This post is in paid partnership with Coravin. All images courtesy of Coravin.

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