29 October, 2021
Baea Bed Styling
Baea Bed Styling
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Love Staycations? This Is The Easiest Way To Recreate A Luxury Hotel Experience At Home

29 October, 2021
Baea Bed Styling scoop

Make everyday feel like a staycation thanks to these top bed styling tips from Baea’s very own Design Director…

From the gourmet buffet breakfasts to room service on call, there’s a lot to love about hotel living. The highlight for us though has to be that comfy, cosy bed, complete with crisp sheets and fluffy pillows. There’s a reason you glow differently when you’re on staycation, and that has a lot to do with the good night’s sleep you’re getting! So, when homegrown sustainable bedding brand Baea told us they knew just how to recreate the hotel experience at home, naturally, they had our full attention.

Catherine Reeves

It turns out that it’s the little things that make the most significant difference – in this case, how you style your bed. Ahead, Baea’s Design Director Catherine Reeves, who has over 10 years experience in all things bedding, shares her pro-tips for creating a luxury hotel-worthy bed in your Hong Kong home. Keep reading for more…

Baea Bed Styling

Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Before thinking about the bed looking luxurious, we need to start with it feeling luxurious and comfortable. Take time to consider the type of fabric you’ll be using to dress your bed – if you have the budget, now is the time to invest in the best quality you can afford.

At Baea, we are obsessed with our fabrics – it’s where we always start when thinking about design. Looking the part is one thing, but how the bed feels when you climb in is the most important. We only use the best of organic cotton, which not only feels perfect on your skin, but is also helping our industry become more sustainable.

Start With A Neutral Base

The trick with looking luxurious is simplicity. Go for block colour sheets in a neutral hue like white, taupe or cream to keep the look discreetly elegant. I also like to add tonal embroidery for an added design element.

For that subtle touch of nature’s wonder, I’d recommend our Meadow range in Clover – the motifs on this design are modern, yet earthy. Each motif design is ever so slightly different, bringing flow and movement into a contemporary bed. Alternatively, my go-to essential would be our Merrow range; with its subtle two-tone colour edges on a luxurious white base, it’s a classic. The sand and willow colourways are my favourites! They bring in nature’s colours, while still feeling very contemporary.

Sassy Tip: When buying bedding sets, be mindful of sizing! All countries have a slight difference between their comparative sizes, plus in Hong Kong, there’s a huge variety in the size of the beds themselves. Luckily, Baea offers bespoke sizing on all orders, so you can guarantee the perfect set of sheets for your bed. Simply get in touch with the sales team for more info.

Pile On The Pillows

Ever wondered why hotel beds are so comfy? That’s because of the plethora of pillows. Plenty of pillows will give your head and neck the support they need, resulting in the ultimate cosy night sleep. Hotel beds typically come equipped with two to four down pillows and two fibre-filled pillows.

For a beautiful collection of pillows from the world’s most notable brands, I would always recommend Bed & Bath. The team here understands that choosing a pillow is very personal, so they combine selection (including silk, bamboo, down, down alternatives) with experience to help each customer select the best one for them.

In addition to comfort, pillows are essential for visually framing the top part of your bed. To add aesthetic interest, try mixing and matching pillow and duvet designs. At Baea, all our sets are designed to complement each other.

Beyond pillows, you’ll find that luxury hotels accessorise with throw cushions. Layering pillows and cushions elevates the bed, making it relaxing and inviting. Opt for a combination of different sized cushions to create dimension. I recommend starting with a couple from our collaboration with Madda Studio, which include cushions made from Merino and Alpaca, bringing natural textures onto the bed.

Baea Bed Styling

Complete The Look With A Throw

Last but by no means least, add on a soft throw. Not only does a layered throw add texture, but it’s also functional too, ideal for afternoon naps or when air conditioning gets too cold. When choosing your throw, don’t go too far from the current look. I love combining our Madda Studio cushions with the matching throw, which is made from a blend of the very best Merino and Alpaca for added cosy vibes.

Hide The Clutter

Beautifully-styled bed? Check. Don’t just stop there though. One of reasons I think hotel beds are so appealing is the lack of visual clutter in the room itself. Don’t be tempted to overflow your nightstand with unnecessary mess. I like to keep mine minimal, with just a small vase of fresh flowers or greenery and our Forager Box to hide away my keepsakes, jewellery and sentimental trinkets.

Find Baea at the Dream pop-up concept store at Rosewood Asaya from now until Wednesday, 17 November, and shop the collection of exclusive designs created especially for the hotel.

Baea, 2882 9988, Facebook: baeahome, Instagram: @baeahome, www.baea.com

Brought to you in partnership with Baea.

Images 1 and 2 courtesy of Baea, all images courtesy of Sassy Media Group for Baea.

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