10 Travel Accessories For Your Next Getaway

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Anorak Travel Wallet

We’ve all been there: trying to balance carrying our luggage, coffee and one or two bags of duty-free shopping (guilty!) when we’re asked for our passport and boarding pass. It’s a constant struggle rummaging around one handed, with a queue quickly forming behind you. This travel wallet from Anorak is here to make your life so much easier, with handy compartments for your passport, documents and cards. It’s made with high quality Saffiano leather and comes in a wide range of stylish colours – and if that’s not enough you can customise each wallet with your initials free of charge.

Anorak Travel Wallet available online for $498


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Eccolo Luggage Tag

Regarded as the most vital travel accessory of all, a luggage tag will ensure a better chance of locating your suitcase should the worst happen on your journey. These Eccolo world traveller luggage tags come in a variety of chic prints and colours and, as an added bonus; they come in a set of three. Giving you the ability to mix and match your tags with ease.

Eccolo World traveller Luggage Tags available online at Amazon for $100

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Ostrich GO Neck Pillow

An essential for any long-haul journey; a good quality, durable and supportive neck pillow will ensure maximum cosiness in even the most uncomfortable surroundings. The Ostrich GO is regarded as one of the most superior and luxurious on the market. Crafted with high density memory foam and an innovative 360 degree design, say hello to your new favourite travel companion. Dream in style on your next flight out of the 852.

Ostrich Pillow Go available online at ZIXAG for $460

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This Works: “Can’t Sleep?” Kit

If, like many of us, you struggle with getting some shut eye on a long journey, then this “Can’t sleep?” Kit from This Works will become your new best friend. Not only ideal for the journey itself, but also for winding down in new, unfamiliar surroundings (and for dealing with jet lag). These minis are the perfect size to slip into your hand luggage. Containing the cult favourite, “deep sleep” pillow spray and the “stress less” roll on, this dreamy blend of calming sleep ingredients will ensure you drift off into a calm slumber so you wake up fresh and ready.

Can’t Sleep? Kit by This Works available online at Sephora for $95



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Slip Eye mask

Another necessity for a bit of quality shut-eye when travelling is ensuring you have complete and total darkness. This is where a good quality eye mask comes in. The Slip pure silk eye mask is our favourite pick for the job. Made from the finest pure silk, and designed to minimise bed head or any unwanted tangles, this luxurious mask is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.

Slip Silk Pure Silk Sleep Mask available online at Lane Crawford for $390


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Shandali Travel towel

Whether you’re off beach hopping in Asia, on a yoga retreat in Bali, hiking and exploring in Sri Lanka or on a foodie tour in Tokyo, this Shandali Travel Towel fits the bill for every type of vacation. Made from 100% microfibre, you can be sure it’ll dry quick and without any nasty smells. It’s lightweight, so ideal for stuffing into your hand carry. With that in mind, this super soft towel also doubles up as a travel blanket for that extra layer of comfort on your journey.

Shandali Microfiber Travel Towel available online at Amazon from $80


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Swell traveller bottle

The key to feeling good, fresh and your best after a long journey is simple. Stay hydrated! This travel bottle from S’well does exactly that. Whether it’s a black coffee for an early morning flight or some ice cold water for that hot train journey, the triple walled vacuum insulated construction is designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12. There’s no need for single use water bottles with this easy refillable design, and we love the range of colours too!

S’well traveler available online from $350

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Vagreez Packing cubes

Amongst all the excitement of getting ready for your trip, one thing that always fills us with dread – packing. No matter what technique you go for, whether it’s a neat fold, Marie Kondo roll, or just throw everything in and hope for the best; there’s nothing more frustrating than packing for a trip last minute. The answer to our woes? Packing cubes. A game changer in organisation, these Vagreez cubes come in seven different sizes for your clothes, toiletries and accessories. Constructed with breathable fabric, these will change your perspective and packing game completely. Maximum space and efficiency? Tick!

Vagreez 7 Piece Luggage Organizer available Online at Amazon from $180

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Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays has been at the top of our wish list forever, and now that’s its available in travel size we have no reason to hold back! Made with 100% green, vegan and gentle ingredients, this hydrating mask is next level when it comes to rescuing your skin from the harsh plane air, long journeys and different time zones. Simply pop in your hand luggage and voila, you’ll be left with a dewy, soothed and fresh complexion after your journey.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask available online from Cult Beauty for $220

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Caudalie Skincare Heroes

Looking after your skin is essential whilst travelling and, with so many factors working against you, it’s key to carry an SOS kit with you at all times. This Caudalie Skincare Heroes set will guarantee you have all the right tools to keep your complexion hydrated, fresh and bright whilst travelling. Containing five of Caudalie’s best selling miniature products, we’re sure this set will satisfy your skincare needs, both during your journey and once you reach your destination.

Caudalie Skincare Heroes Set available online from Look Fantastic for $264

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