17 May, 2011

Beauty Review: Clé de Peau

17 May, 2011

I heard on the beauty grapevine about the launch of Clé de Peau‘s foundation – Teint Natural Fluide. Not having acquainted myself with any Clé de Peau products in the past, I decided to play investigative beauty reporter and spend some time trying this out and chatting to the friendly ladies at the Clé de Peau counter in Seibu, Pacific Place. While there I tested a few other products and was hugely impressed by the line.

Liquid Foundation – Teint Natural Fluide

Insanely pigmented – a little goes a long way. The texture is a little thick but not heavy and leaves a matte, even texture. While I’m more of a dewy-skinned kind of gal (see my post on Chantecaille Future Skin), I can appreciate the altogether more “put together” look of this finish and intend to purchase this once my sample runs out. It doesn’t look as though I’m wearing too much makeup (even under bright lights) and boy does it last through the mild Hong Kong drizzle and humidity. I’d save this for using at night or special occasions though as it’s rather pricey!


If I had to pick one beauty product I could not live without, it would be concealer. I suffered recurring nightmares after my trusty Dior moisturizing concealer, with its creamy texture and light-diffusing magic, was discontinued, then reintroduced, then discontinued once more. When Prescriptives packed up in the UK I savoured every last drop of my custom-blended concealer until it was no more. Since then I have been cast adrift, unable to commit to one concealer, until I found this little gem.

Encased in a handy little tube, this is truly the star of the Clé de Peau makeup range (and yes, of course I bought one!). Any concealer that does not slide or rub off after half a day of running about is a star in my book. I did find however that without using primer it settled into my fine lines and dry patches. Although used by celebs as an under-eye concealer I think it works far better for blemishes and pigmentation. The Clé de Peau sales assistant recommended dabbing a little on the back of your hand and applying with your finger, although I use a cotton bud to swipe a little from the tube and dab it on, then blend with a concealer brush.

Lipstick – extra silky lipstick 127

I don’t usually wear lipstick but I do like peach-coloured gloss and this hybrid was firmly within my comfort zone. For once the marketing spiel does not lie: it truly is extra silky, extra glossy and extra moisturising. If it hadn’t been for the price tag I would have snapped one up: I loved how the pearl powder left a subtly shimmering residue even after the lipstick had worn out.

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