19 January, 2011

Beauty Review: Chantecaille Future Skin

19 January, 2011
Beauty Blogger Danielle tells us about her quest to find the perfect foundation…

Finding the perfect foundation is like searching for a soul mate. You flirt with many, sample some briefly but when you finally meet the one for you, your skin lights up from within and your friends comment on how well you look. Here is my story…

I have tried water and oil-based foundations, loose powders, tinted moisturisers, stick foundations, mattifying, illuminating, minerals, everything. Yet until I stumbled upon this one Saturday (spent lurking around the beauty counters as usual) I did not think any were right for me. My beauty cabinet is testament to my promiscuity: half-used botles and tubes which I tire of after the initial excitement of a new product has worn out. Chantecaille’s Future Skin is but one of a few I have purchased repeatedly, loyally.

We all know foundation is no substitute for a good skincare regime. The Chantecaille range of products, however, contain as many skin-nourishing ingredients as you would expect from a good moisturiser. Arnica and aloe soothe the skin; rosemary and green tea provide a hit of antioxidants – my favourite word. The unique gel (and hence oil-free) formulation sinks into the skin and provides medium coverage, while imparting a subtle glow that says: look how supple my skin is!

The only drawback is that with this level of moisturisation, Future Skin has a tendency to slip off in warmer weather. Primer is a must to keep your face on! Try sweeping a lightweight loose powder over the foundation if you want extra coverage. As it comes in a pot you should also use a spatula to scoop a pea sized amount on to the back of your hand, which will help warm it up and give a natural finish.

Future Skin comes in 13 skin-flattering shades so you should be able to pick your perfect match. I wear Chamomile which is a touch warmer than my natural tone but blends in so well it makes me look far healthier than I actually am, given my lifestyle and appalling diet.

A gel formula might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do find this doesn’t clog my pores unlike other foundations. I may have found my one, so here’s hoping that it could be the right one for you too!

Click here to find out where Chantecaille is available in Hong Kong.

About our Beauty Blogger Danielle:
I was born in London, grew up in Malaysia, started my career back in London and now work in Hong Kong. I am what they call a “half and half”, my father being Malaysian Chinese and my mother Caucasian. This also explains why my skin can never make up its mind as to whether it is combination (how appropriate), dry or sensitive. I spend far too much time reading beauty magazines and blogs in search for the Holy Grail that is a flawless complexion. I suffer from flakiness, redness and all manner of skin freak-outs from time to time so I have to take my skin care regime seriously. I carry far too many toiletries on holiday (four bags at last count) and love all types of shimmer (rouge! eyeshadow! highlighter! gloss!) since I first encountered it, in my late teens.

I am wise enough to know that Photoshop plays tricks on the eyes but hopeful enough to keep trying! I believe makeup should enhance and not hide your features, and that being happy is always a good look.

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