15 March, 2016

Whiskey Wednesday at Four Seasons Nail Bar: A Mid-Week Must!

15 March, 2016

Grab your girlfriends and get over hump day with a whiskey and a manicure!

I used to have a bad attitude toward Wednesdays. Stupid hump day, I’d call it. Right to its face. There’s just something about that trying, taunting middle child of the weekdays that conjures feelings of frustration, exhaustion and bouts of flash anger. It evokes pictures of either sitting at a desk and pounding coffee trying to get a second wind to make it to Friday or alternatively, working from home chasing around a toddler and pounding coffee trying to get a second wind to make it to Friday, or maybe even just bedtime. Sigh.

Well, get outta here dismal mid-week imagery because Wednesday’s got a brand new bag! I was recently invited to attend the new Whiskey Wednesday at Four Seasons Nail Bar. And now Wednesdays are all about sippin’ whiskey, relaxing and feeling totally pampered while my nails get put on fleek. That’s right, there’s no more stupid hump day about it. It’s now Hump Day HUZZAH!

Four Seasons has just kicked off their Whiskey Wednesday promotion in the Nail Bar. Every Wednesday, when you book a hand and feet treatment, you’ll receive a complimentary tasting flight of whiskey to enjoy while you get your mani/pedi. If a mani/pedi isn’t your thing, you can opt for Pure Therapy for Your Hands or Feet, or Reflexology Remedy instead. It’s next level pampering, ladies and gents. And it’s genius.

From the moment I stepped foot into the chic Nail Bar, I was already feeling spoiled. It’s such a lovely, luxe feeling space. And that view! As I sank into the plush leather chair and looked out to the unfettered, floor to ceiling view of sparkly Victoria Harbour all lit up against the night sky, I thought to myself, “Is this real life?”. A tasting flight of whiskies was immediately set down next to me. And as I put the first drink, Macallan 18-year single malt, to my lips and let that divine nectar travel down my thirsty throat, I closed my eyes and thought yes, this is real life. And it is beautiful.


It was at that moment that Liz, the talented artist started to file down my nails, my neglected, unsightly digits splotched with residue of a leftover manicure. It was then that I realised how important it is to schedule in some peaceful, “me” time.

The theme of this first Whiskey Wednesday was ‘18 and Single’ (a clever reference to malts) and it showcased a tasting flight of 18 year old single malt whiskies selected by Four Seasons’ beverage manager, Tommy Kong. The theme changes every 3 weeks, staying in sync with your manicure schedule so that you can enjoy a different set of whiskies every glorious time. And whiskey aficionados who aren’t in the mood for tasting can choose just one glass of their favourite whiskey to enjoy. I was already planning my next Whiskey Wednesday visit in my head, maybe next time with friends, as the event caters up to 5 guests at a time. This would be a perfect hang out sesh with the besties.

The lovely Shoshana Weinberg, the hotel’s Spa Director gave me a complete and thorough run down of each wonderful whiskey and made sure I was comfortable and happy throughout my treatment. There was also a digital tasting guide available on an iPad to browse through which included information about the whiskies, instructions on the proper way to drink whiskey and more.

Liz gave me a divine manicure. She exfoliated, moisturised and massaged with the utmost care and attention. I can still smell that lovely subtle citrus scent that accompanied it all. And when it came to nail art, she was queen. I expressed to her what I wanted, a sort of Pop Art look that resembled ice cream dripping down my nails. And even though she understandably thought this idea along with the colour choices were a bit peculiar, she completely got what I was envisioning and created it right before my eyes. BOOM! It was just what I wanted.


I had a big smile on my face as I finished off the Laphroaig 18 year Single Malt, which I had saved for last, and noshed on some delicious light bites that served as the perfect end to my insanely enjoyable evening.

So do not wait, get in on this mid-week splendour and book your mani/pedi or alternatively, Pure Therapy for Your Hands or Feet, or Reflexology Remedy. You’ve never looked forward to Wednesday like this before. Time to start a new Wednesday tradition!

What: Whiskey Wednesday at the Nail Bar at Four Seasons.
Where: Four Seasons Hong Kong Nail Bar
When: Every Wednesday from 5pm to 9 pm

For reservations call +852 3196 8900 or email [email protected].
Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

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