13 January, 2020
beauty 2020 hair trends
beauty 2020 hair trends

5 Hair Trends To Follow In 2020

13 January, 2020
beauty 2020 hair trends

If you want to change up your look this year, your crowning glory is a good place to start!

Gone are the days when Paris, Milan, New York and London dictated trends. Now trends are set on social media – meaning they are much more readily accessible. But here’s the deal with hair. As much as you might want to recreate a look you’ve seen online, hair varies so much from person to person, that there are several factors you need to consider before deciding whether or not to copy it. These include things like natural depth, fall, texture, existing colour and hair strength.

However, hair education, professional product development, access to styling tools and hairdressing techniques in 2020 are miles ahead of what they were. This means that everyone can have healthy, beautiful hair! You just need someone to guide you through what will suit you and your lifestyle. On that note, here are my top 5 hair trends for 2020 that women of all hair types will be able to relate to.

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1. Airtouch Balayage

Balayage! Balayage! Balayage! Hailing from the French word “sweeping”, this flawless, highly-effective hand painted dye technique has become hugely popular. The Airtouch method takes balayage to another level, by using a hairdryer to isolate hair in each section. This helps to create a flawless blend and melt that will grow out perfectly – every single time!

2. The Money Piece

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SMALL DETAILS 👀 BOLD RESULTS 💡 . . . . . . . . . . It’s a struggle making naturally black hair lighter without exposing too much underlying warmth 🍊 or lifting too light / making it look unnatural. That balanced in between color, in my opinion, is lifting past orange to a level 9 and then toning 2 levels back. I didn’t shift her base but I packed a lot of highlights throughout the middle area and then melted them with a 5n and a 6 beige to give a smoother transition. For the bold front piece I did an 8n + a splash of 8gg + 9nw – I did that same formula for the mids / ends but let that sit a little longer ✨ what do you guys think of the money piece trend? Love it or hate it?? I wanna know! #DANIELLEDOESHAIR

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This refers to adding some face-framing colour pieces that are dramatic, super affordable, quick and literally all you need to create a look that screams instant glamour. Don’t be fooled by the pictures that only show blonde being the colour of choice. This technique can be applied to any hair colour (light or dark) to create results that will leave you feeling like a hottie in no time.

3. Don’t Fear Those Curls!

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THE WONDER OF CURLS — SPEECHLESS • Day 3 wet refresh after an awful wash day over the weekend 🙈 I was going to either re-wash or just leave it in a bun until next weekend, but I thought what better time to experiment with a new product I found the other day when I had nothing to lose! I did not expect to get results like this (and so didn’t take any proper “before” photos, just took a screenshot afterwards from the time lapse 😂). I explained a bit more in my stories (which I’ll add to my “refresh” highlight) but I wet my hair and then applied @herbalessences spray gel, a lightweight gel that formed a surprisingly good cast! Loving the volume that came with Day 3 and so much more definition than I imagined possible 🎉 • • • • • #curlyhair #curlygirl #curlygirlmethod #naturalcurls #hairtransformation #naturallycurly #curlyhaircommunity #curlsrock #lovecurls #curlyhairgoals #curlyhairstyle #curlcommunity #curlgoals #curlysisterhood #curlytexture #curlygirlsaustralia #curlygirlaustralia #curlynatural #wetrefresh #day3hair

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Walk straight out the door the next time a stylist tells you to wear your curls any other way but the way you were born to wear them! Straightening or rebonding your curls is as last season as the food industry trying to feed you spam and make you believe it’s good for you. Curls are fun, hip, super sexy and trending today like never before. The curly girl method, encouraging us to ditch the straighteners and go au naturel, has given women a power that they’ve never known until now. It’s been the hair industry shift of the decade if you ask me. Of course curls need a little bit of love but, once you get the hang of them, you’re on the road to hair fame and attention like you’ve never known! And that’s a promise.

4. Embrace The Grey

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“Are you climbing the mountain to see the world? Or are you climbing the mountain for the world to see you?”⠀ Alexi Panos⠀ ⠀ This stuck a cord with me. Going from the woman who 3 years ago couldn’t find a picture of herself alone to “the year of the selfie” last year, I have to keep myself in check. Not only for my own ego, but because I have 4 littles taking in all the things I do. ⠀ ⠀ So why do I post selfies multiple times a week on social media? ⠀ ⠀ Is it solely to make me feel good? Is it so people will tell me how pretty I am? How good my hair and makeup look? Is it because “that’s what people want to see”? ⠀ ⠀ Or is it to be a light? To encourage others to step out and up? To document that you can LIFT and still remain grounded. ⠀ ⠀ Pondering that made me come to a big question- can we climb these mountains, because I firmly believe there isn’t just one, to see the view at the top while showing others it can be done? Or is that climbing just to be seen and not for the view? What do you think?

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Platinum hair has been THE colour of 2019, with women in their 20s paying top dollar to achieve that silver look that many of us cringe to see on our head as we age. But cringe no more, because I’m seeing more and more women walk in saying, “I’m done covering my greys”, “I don’t mind the grey showing a bit” or “I don’t want to subject my body to 40 years of chemical colour every four weeks!”

Women are finally standing up to decades of being told that you look old if you’re grey! So I predict 2020 will be the year that women wear their greys with pride. Colour giants like WELLA have come up with a host of colouring techniques this season to help with lowlighting the greys and ensuring they are gentler on the eye, so that women who want to take the plunge can ease into it gently. #greyhairdontcare #grombre #goinggreygracefully #instagrey

5. The Modern Shag

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BEST of 2019 @behindthechair_com 🙇🏼‍♀️ Literally in Tears 😭 It’s hard to explain what this means to me… but I am going to try… 2 yrs ago I left my salon of 11 years to strike out on my own. I had already been traveling as an independent educator for 3 years and getting my own studio was the next logical step. Still it was terrifying to be “alone”. I had spent age 20-31, growing up while also growing the team as their Salon Educator for the first 8 years the doors were open. I was newly pregnant 🤰 with my second child and the mix of fears and hormones got to me on my last day. I remember parking in my driveway after driving home and beginning to weep 😢 But then a voice in my head said “STOP Crying! 🛑 This is not a Sad Day!” And the verse “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a Hope and a Future” popped into my head. Fast forward to July 2019 when @colorbycares & @muyvette and I got together to collaborate in my studio. Cares is an incredible colorist that I have traveled several years in a row to take classes from. We recently reconnected via social media and I was honored that she thought we should collab! Yvette has been a good client of mine for a little over 4 years and is an amazing self trained makeup artist. A couple days before the planned photo shoot we still didn’t have a model confirmed. I was on the verge of cancelling it before I finally prayed 🙏 Next thing I knew, Yvette offered to bring her cute neighbor @omgmakeupbynova and Boom💥 the “Ginger Shag” was born 🤩 So I guess what this means to me is proof of God’s faithfulness- because I trusted that my identity was not in a physical place and became open to the blessing He had for me, I learned that I am not and will never be alone! Jeremiah 19:11 More to come from this Dream Team in 2020 ❤️ #ashleenormanhaircolorbycarescollab #godisgood #behindthechair

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Ashlee Norman took the hairdressing world by storm when she created her razored signature ginger modern shag. Videos of her redhead model have been doing the rounds for months now and everyone is aspiring to recreate this fun, youthful, highly stylised look. It’s achievable on almost all lengths of hair (from shoulder down) and is a cut you can either dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. Therefore, ginger is also a colour to look out for this year!

Changing your hair can make you feel brand new and even a little change can go a long way. I hope all of you try something new and different this year. However, remember there is nothing as trendy as loving the hair you wear. All hair is beautiful hair.

Happy experimenting ladies!

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