15 February, 2010

10 things that make me Happy :)

15 February, 2010

1. When my husband, Justin, leaves surprise notes for me under my pillow, in my handbag, or in a cabinet

2. Hugs and kisses from my 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

3. Finding a great fitting pair of jeans that are long enough for me!

4. The feel of the humidity that over takes me as I step off the plane in Miami. It means I’m home!

5. Doing small things to make others happy.

6. Discovering hidden boutiques/shops as I was down the many sidestreets of Hong Kong.

7. Getting a new stamp in my passport to places I’ve never been to before.

8. Getting a fresh manicure and pedicure.

9. A page turning book that I don’t want to put down….

10. Crossing things off my to do list. I love the feeling of putting a line through something that needs done!

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