11 February, 2014
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Sassy does Zumba – have you got the rhythm?!

11 February, 2014

In a bid to try new things in 2014, I’ve signed up to trail run competitions, paid my deposit for yoga teacher training and basically said yes to just about anything new! So when a friend sent through a flyer for the upcoming Angels for Orphans Zumbathon, I couldn’t say no. Having recently been to XYZ and established I am completely uncoordinated, I thought it might be best to do a trial Zumba class at Central Dance Studios before I tackled four hours of Zumba for charity!

Mentally, I imagined myself shaking my booty like Beyoncé dressed head-to-toe in neon – oh, how wrong I was! Slightly (ok, incredibly!) nervous, I rocked up to Central Dance Studios (located on Wyndham Street) dressed in the tightest, brightest workout gear I own; I was met by Corrine, a bubbly and enthusiastic instructor, who made me feel at ease right away.

Having briefly explained the concept of Zumba (think aerobics fused with South American dance moves), we got started. Within the first few minutes, my deepest fear was confirmed – I have no rhythm. None. Beyonce has more rhythm in her little toe than I do in my entire body! But Corrine kept me going, whooping when I eventually got a move and cheering when I danced in the right direction; it didn’t take long before I had completely loosened up and was wiggling my body to Latin music. Everyone else in the class was doing the same – having fun and embracing the freedom to dance like no one is watching!

central dance studios hong kong

Three songs in and I was dripping with sweat and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much – partly from laughing at my own inability, partly because I was having a really good time. The music varied from incredibly fast to slow and mellow, giving you a chance to catch your breath and focus on certain steps.

It was pretty obvious who had been before and who was a little rusty (i.e. me!); Corrine explained that practically every class is the same, giving you the opportunity to track your progression and master the moves. I never danced as a kid (despite my mother begging me to go to ballet), so I don’t have that natural ability to pick up routines like others – knowing that you can go to a class week after week and watch yourself improve is great!

Despite my lack of coordination, inability to follow a routine and total confusion between left and right, I left my Zumba class exhausted and on top of the world. As far as fun workouts go, what better way to spend a Tuesday lunch time?! So bring on the Angels for Orphans Zumbathon – four hours of dancing to awesome music, all for a good cause. I’ll see you there!

About the Angels for Orphans Zumbathon:

If you’re up for trying something new and love the sound of dancing your Saturday away (all for a good cause), then sign up here! The entry fee is only $200 and you have to try to get as many people as you can to sponsor you for this fun event. Proceeds will go towards Angels for Orphans, a wonderful charity that works closely with Po Leung Kuk to provide support for children locally and overseas. Try out something new, have some fun, and raise some money for a worthwhile cause. We also hear there will be prizes for the most money raised so sign up now!

Zumba at Central Dance Studios cost $180 for a trial class or $230 for drop-ins; see the full schedule of classes here

Central Dance Studios  Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
2537 0713  www.danceclassesinhongkong.com/…



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