26 November, 2013

XYZ Spin Studio – the coolest workout in town!

26 November, 2013

Having admitted to the rest of the team that I’d once signed myself up to a spin challenge (10 classes in 4 days!), I found myself as the Official Sassy Fitness Guinea Pig for a spin class at new cycling studio XYZ.

XYZ Studio at New World Tower II in Central is completely different from any other cycling studio or gym I’d ever been to before… in fact, it feels more like a nightclub with a DJ system that could put any Wyndham Street hotspot to shame (XYZ themselves call it their own “covert cave”)! Rocking up there for my class on a Friday afternoon, it almost felt as if my Friday night out was getting started extra early!

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There are several different spinning classes available at XYZ, all set to music, including beginner level (First Mission) to special early morning classes (Dream Awake, complete with low lighting and soft beats to ease you into the day ahead), high-energy evening classes (Joy Ride) and their signature class, Born to Move! You can book your class online to ensure you definitely have a bike, and thanks to XYZ’s varied schedule, you don’t have to worry about squeezing in classes, as there are plenty of choices available.

First things first, XYZ kit you out with special Look Keo pedal shoes, which mean you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping off the pedals – and trust me, this makes a huge difference to your performance!

I attempted the Born To Move class with XYZ instructor Rachel Moon, and after 50 minutes definitely felt like I had had a whole body workout! Rachel is an extremely motivating instructor and not only makes sure you are giving 100% to your workout, but also encourages you to get moving and dancing – she managed to sneak in a total cardio and weight workout, along with some stretching too, in just the one session!

xyz spin studio hong kong

I also have to mention that XYZ have some pretty amazing showers. I’m always complaining that the water temperature never seems to be controlled in most Hong Kong gyms, so it was great not to be doing a tango with the shower for a change!

I would definitely recommend XYZ if you need something to motivate you to get to the gym… because this place feels absolutely nothing like one! Offering an experience that’s totally fun, cool AND a great workout, XYZ definitely ticked all my boxes.

SASSY GIVEAWAY: The icing on the cake (a healthy banana cupcake, of course) is that we have 50 free spin classes at XYZ to give away! The giveaway closes on 8 December and the lucky winners will be announced via email on 9 December 2013.

This giveaway has now ended but stay tuned for more exciting giveaways!

XYZ classes cost $350, with packages also available, see more info here; see the full class schedule here

XYZ Studio  2/F New World Tower II, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
2865 0999  www.youarexyz.com



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