17 July, 2014
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You snooze, you lose! The Sassy office checks out Znozz in Central, Hong Kong

17 July, 2014
When we first heard about Znozz, our first questions were ‘how do you pronounce it?’ and ‘what IS it’? When we found out it was a place where you could stop off for a nap… well, that got our attention (and it’s pronounced ‘snooze’!). The concept of Znozz is rather new in Hong Kong – essentially they’re trying to act as a place where people can unwind and relax, bang in the middle of Central without having to pay a hefty price tag.


With a ‘sleep room’ that comes with a bed, TV and your own bathroom, the idea is that you can catch some much-needed zzz’s during a busy day. If you work in Central and you had one too many cocktails the night before, a quick kip at Znozz for half an hour on your lunch break could make a world of difference! But if this sleep-room idea is still sounding a little dodgy to you, consider this: a post-gym, pre-night out, getting ready room! For all you ladies who don’t live close by (I’m talking to you, Sai Kungers and DB residents!) this is actually a great place to quickly stop off at before your Soho soirees, instead of making the trek back home.


Just had an intense workout at the gym, but can’t be bothered to trek home for a shower? Stop off at Znozz! You can get your own shower and bathroom along with your bed. And best of all, there’s a small terrace and lounge area, which is ideal for some pre-drinks with the girls.


In fact, we thought we’d test it out for ourselves and we had a little Sassy office get-together here with some wine and nibbles… obviously, we had to have some cupcakes too!


The terrace and lounge area were a little small for our Sassy tribe of twelve, but it would be the perfect place to get ready for a night out with a couple of girlfriends. Whack on some fun tunes, get the wine flowing and don’t forget your makeup – you’ll almost feel like you’re having a slumber party! Better yet, you don’t have to worry about trying to catch a cab to your dinner destination, as Znozz is within walking distance of many of our favourite F&B venues.


Znozz is certainly an interesting concept – it’s centrally located, easy to get to and from, and you won’t have to worry about someone spilling red wine on your cream sofa like you would at home. Or just use it for taking a nap during your lunch break – we all need some extra shut-eye!


Znozz may seem a little strange, and it’s not the first place we would think to go to… but if you’re really desperate for a nap or you just want to try out something a little unusual, give it a go. Despite being a bit of a squeeze to fit us all in, we enjoyed ourselves… although that might have been the cava talking!

Znozz, 1/F, 6 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, 6101 0755, www.znozz.com


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