18 July, 2014

Affordable waxing and facials at Perfect Touch Spa in Central, Hong Kong

18 July, 2014

Finding a brazilian for under $400 in Hong Kong that won’t rip you to shreds is no easy feat. Which means Perfect Touch Spa’s $390 brazilian wax in Central set alarm bells ringing. But with summer in full swing, this potential waxing spot staple wasn’t an offer I was willing to miss! Now I have to be honest, the stairwell is a bit grubby on the way up to the salon and proved a little unsettling for someone who isn’t quite yet accustomed to Hong Kong staircases in general. However, once you step into Perfect Touch Day Spa, you’ll find yourself instantly at home in this cosy little beauty haven. The excellent choice of incense immediately made me feels at ease, so this is definitely somewhere to come if you want to feel comfortable!

165775_181243478560606_4279424_nThe therapist used a combination of hot wax and warm wax and was an expert at keeping the pain levels to an absolute minimum (bearing in mind my low pain threshold). The rooms seem clean and comfy and the whole process was very quick indeed. Ideal if you’ve left it to the day before your junk and you need a quick wax ASAP in a convenient place!


I, typically, had sneaked a look at the price list before I came in and had decided I wanted to sample their deep clean facial (Hong Kong pollution taking its toll!). And I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that this was the definite star of the show. Sandyha used scents such as sandlewood to de-stress my brain and Dermalogica products to de-stress my skin. The facial was topped off with a heavenly head massage and a cup of tea (most important to a Brit).

I love this pamper den hidden away in mental Central and it’s 100% my new spot for waxes that I can actually afford!

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Perfect Touch Spa, 1/F, 48 Lyndhurst Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2582 9695, www.perfecttouchspa.hk

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