2 March, 2015
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Yoga Bam Bam – a boutique yoga spot in Sheung Wan

2 March, 2015

I walk to work pretty often and I’d spotted this sneaky little yoga studio on my way down to Sheung Wan, tucked away just above The Nail Library. It’s impossibly eye catching, with glass walls and beautiful Zen wooden detailing – every now and again I’d glimpse people stretching through the windows. So when I was invited over to try out Krissa’s Urban Flow yoga class at Yoga Bam Bam, I immediately leapt at the chance and off Kristy, Maura and I went…Like I said before, the space is absolutely gorgeous and it’s even cooler inside with a gorgeous white spiraling illustration arcing out across the mirrors. However, this is where we hit the first and only drawback: Yoga Bam Bam is pretty tiny, so tiny in fact that they don’t have a bathroom/changing room and only about 7-8 people will be able to practice simultaneously at a push.


We settled down for the class and ended up chatting to Krissa, who took into account our various skill levels and shared a little bit about herself; her experiences in Hong Kong, the beautiful story behind her yoga career meeting Agustin Aguerreberry in St Lucia and more.

I’m no amazing yogi and Krissa’s teaching pace was absolutely perfect for all of us there, giving instructions in a clear and concise manner while adapting certain poses for both the experts (i.e. Maura) and the yoga challenged (i.e. me). While it was certainly a workout at points, I found all my stresses quickly slipping away as we flowed through positions: it was at this point that I finally understood what people mean by ‘yogic flow’.


I’m not big on spirituality or anything I can’t tangibly see or touch, however the entire experience was a totally calming one unlike any I’d had before. And a lot of that was to do with the amazingly intimate space, Krissa’s absolutely lush and contemporary playlist (Kygo, Marlais and Tycho? I’m definitely following her on Soundcloud) and her calm and unobtrusive manner of teaching. It felt more like I was being guided to a peaceful destination, rather than frantically working out after work. And that’s really what you want from a good yoga class: to leave everything behind and lose yourself in one movement to the next.

Krissa teaches Urban Flow on Monday nights at 7.15 pm. A first time session costs $150, with repeat sessions with the same instructor costing $200. If you’ve absolutely fallen in love with an instructor, you can even book a 4 class package for $700 or an 8 class package for $1200 with the same teacher. 

Yoga Bam Bam, 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, www.yogabambam.com


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Thank you to the wonderful Aydee Tie for the photos of our Sassy Girls!

Photos taken by Aydee Tie


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