29 October, 2010
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29 October, 2010

Simon Lock (left) and Morgan Parker (right)

On the 1st of March next year it is going to be a huge day for entrepreneurs and Hong Kong based Morgan Parker and Simon Lock. Morgan and Simon will be embarking on a 100 day adventure which involves travelling 20,000 kilometers through 10 countries. Their goal is to raise money for a different charity in each country they visit and they hope that Wheel2Wheel, an independent non-profit foundation that they started, will help shed light on some small, unknown charities throughout the region.

Their trip will start in Hong Kong and they will travel on BMW F800GS enduro motorbikes (for biking novices like me a picture is above for you to get the idea!) through China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor and they will end their journey in Australia. ย The Wheel2Wheel organization has worked extremely hard over the last 12 months researching the charities that have been selected to benefit from this amazing and challenging adventure of Morgan and Simon’s. In each country the guys will meet and film the different organizations that are benefitting from this trip.

The Charities
Hong Kong: Clean Air Network
Vietnam: Animals Asia
Laos: Child’s Dream
Cambodia: New Hope
Thailand: Baan Gerda
Indonesia: Paneco
Australia: Nailsma
Maylaysia: Currently being evaluated
East Timor: Currently being evaluated
China: Currently being evaluated

Wheel2Wheel is currently in the process of raising funds for each of the above organizations. If you would like to make a donation to this adventure you can either do it via a general donation which will be allocated to all 10 charities or you can nominate a specific charity to support. For information on how to make a donation click here.

Also check out their You Tube channel as they have loads of videos telling you about their journey so far!

Simon and Morgan – Best of luck on your adventure!

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