29 October, 2010

Introducing Muyumy

29 October, 2010

While the temperatures are cooling down here in Hong Kong it is pretty nice to know that warm weather is just a short plane ride away. Back in the states swimsuit shopping was typically reserved for spring and summer time but here in Hong Kong I can very easily rationalize the fact that swimsuit buying is now officially a year round hobby for me.

I was recently introduced to a new swimwear brand called Muyumy which was created with a Latin American feel to it… essentially their philosophy is less is more! I sat down with Oksana, one of the founders of Muyumy and the model in the below picture, to get a little more information on this very sexy swimsuit line.

Why did you start Muyumy?
I come from a Latin American country full of beautifull beaches and places that are like paradise. Since I was little I have always gone to the beach and at the same time studied in artistic institutions always involved in creative and artistic activities. I started as a ballet dancer and later on switched into the fashion industry as a model working for many brands all over the world. My love for the sun, the beach, the sand and my passion for the body expression inspired and created in me a strong believe in developing my own swimwear line. It all came together after I moved to HK when the idea coinceived years ago comes to be true. It has been a lot of work but absolutely an exciting, fun and creative process, I just love it!

What is the price range of your suits?
Our price range goes from 780HKD to 825HKD. Definitely a great price!

What sizes do your suits come in?
Our suites are available in sizes 34-40 (European)

What is your favourite style from your line? I am assuming it is the thong style, right?
You have assumed very well. Absolutely my favorite piece is the thong bikini because I love to be tanned from head to toe with the least lines possible. Living in Barcelona for me was like paradise since I could tan topless and/or naked something which is  FORBIDDEN in Asia. So a good way of almost getting a complete tan is by wearing our beautiful THONGS!!! Plus the great shape makes in your body very hot!

What does the name Muyumy mean?
Muyumy means “MUY” (“Muy” means “Very” in Spanish). Muy in different order becomes Muyumy which means very yumy. This was also a creative process that I was really excited about. Our main purpose is to create a product that is high in quality, fashionable that perfectly fits and that makes you look sexy and Muyumy

Where can you buy your swimsuits?
In Hong Kong you can find the swimwear line available at Ocho (51 Staunton Street, SoHo). We have a special discount for Sassy members as well. If you purchase a swimsuit from Ocho and mention that you read about us on Sassy then you will receive 10% off the price.

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