13 October, 2017
fantastic swissend HKAC
fantastic swissend HKAC
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Experience a Weekend Full of Swiss Dance and Theatre

13 October, 2017
fantastic swissend HKAC scoop

A taste of Swiss arts and culture on your doorstep


Set over the course of two weekends, Hong Kong Arts Centre are set to feature multi-talented artists from Switzerland for an unmissable showcase, ranging from an outdoor concert to a one-on-one theatre performance. Happening on Saturday, 21 October, and from Friday, 10 November to Saturday, 11 November, have a taste of Swiss music, arts and culture set across different venues at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Read on to find out what to expect and to make sure you don’t miss out on any goings on…

Jockey Club Street Music Series #100:

On Saturday, 21 October, expect to see a delightful fusion of local Hong Kong musical talent, coupled with two Swiss powerhouses for the 100th installment of the Jockey Club Street Music Series. First time performers in Hong Kong, Electro-pop group duo Odd Beholder, refer to themselves as a “lucid dream” pop band with an ambient twist, and are known for incorporating visual elements into their performances, influenced by lead singer Daniela Weinmann’s experiences at the Zurich University of the Arts and the China Academy of Art. Also premiering in Hong Kong, instrumental techno group Rizzoknor, hope to take local audiences on a trip through their infinite repertoire. “People can expect to be transported in a universe between electronic and instrumental music, they are invited to dance with the flow, to dream”,  explains producer Georg Bleikolm. The two acts will be joined by local talents The Majestic G and Born Lau. Curated by veteran musician and composer Kung Chi Shing, the series has featured local and international musicians since 2009.

When: Saturday, 21 October, 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Main Entrance, HKAC
How much: Free!

Komplizen RELOADED:

Fans of performing arts are in for a treat with Komplizen RELOADED, a celebration of varying group dynamics and challenges in modern-day life. Don’t expect a typical work with elegant dance numbers here, and be prepared to delve into a compassionate dance theatre piece exploring our everyday movements.

“[The original work Komplizen] is about the meeting of two people, it considers the differences and uniqueness of the individual bodies – and finding a way of making them work together and come together,” explained choreographer Kilian Haselbeck. This time Komplizen RELOADED is performed by dancers and a musician from Europe, Africa and Asia, working in collaboration with one another.

FIGHT! Palast #membersonly:

Next up is FIGHT! Palast #membersonly, a theatre piece that also draws strongly from physical elements. Co-directed and performed by Dennis Schwabenland and Christoph Keller with Nina Mariel Kohler, the 70-minute work explores themes highly relevant to millennials.

FIGHT! Palast #membersonly features a fragmented narrative that reflects on the actor’s’ own suppressed struggles of repetitive daily routines. As evident from the hashtag #membersonly in its title, the production also sheds light on our addiction to social media. “Self-representations on social media are no more than a desperate attempt to be special and set yourself apart from others”, explained Schwabenland.

The performance is followed by a workshop, where the creators will share some of the ideas behind the show. If you’re lucky, you might also have the opportunity to give kickboxing a go!

When: Friday, 10 November, 8pm to 10:30pm & Saturday, 11 November, 3pm to 5:30pm
Where: Shouson Theatre, HKAC
How much: $290 / $220 – get your tickets here!

One-On-One Live Theatre: Full Service:

Also happening over the FANTASTIC SWISSend is Full Service, a unique one-on-one live theatre performance where you can request any act from the performer – after negotiating a fee. The performance is followed by a session where the artist will share his experience of touring the work.

The man behind the show is Daniel Hellman, a 32-year-old performer based in Zurich and Berlin. He was interested in creating a setting where everything is placed on an equal standing. He explained: “I want to engage with participants and see if they have any wishes or desires that I could help to fulfill by making use of all my physical, artistic, intellectual and social skills.”

When: Friday, 10 November, 6pm to 8pm and Saturday, 11 November, 2pm to 3pm; 4pm to 8pm
Lobby, HKAC
How much: Free!

Want to experience the Fantastic SWISSend for yourself? We’ve teamed up with the Hong Kong Arts Centre to give 10 lucky readers a pair of tickets each to the festivities. Simply enter our giveaway below to enter!

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