16 October, 2017
Spartan Race Supports Strong Women
Spartan Race Supports Strong Women
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Spartan Race Supports Strong Women

16 October, 2017
Spartan Race Supports Strong Women scoop

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We’ve only just recovered from the Spartan Race earlier this year, but we’re very excited to announce that the epic obstacle race is back – and it’s bigger, better and more badass than ever before! And we know that our Sassy girls are always up for a challenge.

Spartan Race is still hosting its ‘Sprint,’ a 6km course that still packs a punch with over 20 endurance-testing obstacles, but if you’re really up for kicking butt, the ‘Super’ (launching for the first time in Hong Kong!) requires serious perseverance and grit! Push through 12km and over 25 signature obstacles as you make your way across tougher and more rugged terrain.

You’ve totally got this, girls, but if you’re still in need of a little incentive, we here at Sassy are taking motivation from two seriously awesome females who are tearing down gender stereotypes and showing us why we should be celebrating strong women. We spoke to Sassy girls, Kedma Costa and Tiffany Lai to find out what drives them to lift heavy and train dirty as well as what inspired them to sign up to Spartan Race…

Spartan Race Supports Strong Women

Tell us about yourself

T: I work in events as well as manage my own side business – so I essentially work twenty four hours a day, hectic right? Waking up an hour earlier than normal once or twice a week to hit the gym or go for a run makes a huge difference, however! In my downtime I try to (again!) get to the gym, cook healthy meals and of course, party!
K: I come from an active and sporty family which has long since been my inspiration to perform as well as I can athletically. I began a career in modelling and dance, but  I often felt tired and weak, so I decided to make a change about a year ago and try to consistently adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. I have been exercising at least once or twice a week since then and feel happier and healthier in all aspects of life.

What motivated you to sign up for the Spartan Race?

T: I love an adventure! When I travel I try to fit in activities such as scuba diving, hiking, camping and water sports, so I find the challenges in Spartan Race really exciting! Also, to quote Bear Grylls, “I thrive off surviving in extreme conditions.”
K: I really saw it as a chance to challenge both my mind and body – the race is the perfect opportunity to push limits. I also like that the race is bringing  people together and forming a community, and I’m keen to be a part of that!

Spartan Race Supports Strong Women

Name one song that gets you pumped up for your workout

T: I don’t have a specific song but definitely Trance music!
K: Alarm by Olly James & R3SPAWN. There’s so much energy in this song and it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

What would be your number one piece of advice for Sassy girls looking to sign up to the race?

T: At least once in your lifetime, get dirty and show yourself just how strong you really are!
K: Trust in the process of setting your goals higher than what you expect yourself to be capable of. Always push yourself out of your comfort zone! I’m entering myself into the Elite category this year so I can continue to do so.

All the deets:

When: Saturday, 4 November
Where: Kam Tin Country Club, Yeung Long, Hong Kong
How much: Prices vary according to competition level and length of race – more info here! Each ticket includes:

1 x Racer headband
1 x Finisher medal
1 x Finisher t-shirt
1 x Free beer coupon (woohoo!)

Click here to book your slot or send an email to info@hk.spartan.com for any further enquiries.


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