1 February, 2021
Where To Buy Period Products In Hong Kong
Where To Buy Period Products In Hong Kong
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Where To Buy Period Products In Hong Kong

1 February, 2021
Where To Buy Period Products In Hong Kong

From reusable pads to menstrual cups and leak-proof underwear, here’s where to shop for period products in Hong Kong…

When it comes to buying menstrual products, we tend to stick to what we know. It’s easy to stock up on the same box of tampons we’ve been using for years, or else spring for whatever’s on sale at Mannings, but there are many different types of period products to explore. From brands that offer reusable pads, menstrual cups, leak-proof underwear and more, here are some period products we think are worth a try and where to find them in Hong Kong.

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Feminine Hygiene Products: Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials

Best for: quality pads and tampons in a wide range of absorbencies

Pick up your essentials for “that time of the month” from Hong Kong-based online store Bare Essentials, which exclusively stocks feminine hygiene products by British brand Lil-Lets. Borne out of a frustration to find quality sanitary products in the city, Tori Hope launched Bare Essentials so she wouldn’t have to fill her suitcase with pads and tampons on her visits home to the UK. You’ll find everything you need from pads, panty liners and tampons in a range of absorbencies (Lite, Regular, Super, Super Plus and Super Plus Extra). Products are available for individual purchase – if you already know what you need to manage your period, you can subscribe to have your must-have items sent to your door each month. With a focus on your health, you can also find a load of information and advice on menstruation on the Bare Essentials website, such as FAQs, facts on heavy and irregular periods, and more.

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Bare Essentials, info@bareessentials.com.hk, www.bareessentials.com.hk, www.facebook.com/BareEssentialsHK

LUÜNA naturals

Best for: eco-friendly organic cotton tampons, pads and liners

LUÜNA naturals’ period care line of tampons, pads and liners are made with super soft, hypoallergenic organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (meaning the cotton is produced without the harmful chemicals used in conventional cotton farming). The brand also carries a reusable range which includes the LUÜNA Period Cup. Available in two sizes, the cups are made with medical-grade silicone and are designed with flexy-fit tech which moulds to your unique shape. What’s more, LUÜNA’s packaging is 100% recyclable, making its products good for your body and good for the planet! Good news: the brand is now available at Watsons so you won’t have to travel far to restock your supply.

LUÜNA naturals, various locations across Hong Kong, www.luuna-naturals.com

Period Products Hong Kong: Modibodi


Best for: super slim reusable period-proof underwear

Looking to stay dry and fresh without the bulk of wearing a pad? Enter Modibodi’s washable period-proof underwear. Available in a wide range of styles, the soft bamboo top layer wicks away moisture and fights odour and bacteria, while its breathable Modifier Technology™ allows the underwear to hold up to 20ml. The best part? They’re only 3mm thick! We love the Detachable Bikini, which comes with a a hook and eye closure on each side allowing for a safe and snug fit.

Modibodi, available at Live Zero, us.modibodi.com


Best for: highly absorbent, washable period underwear

Ditch the single-use pads and tampons altogether and try on a pair of Thinx, or wear the machine-washable period underwear with tampons and cups for extra protection. How does it work? They look and feel just like regular undies, but has layered technology built into the gusset, making it moisture-wicking, odour-controlling and absorbent. The best-selling Hiphugger is claimed to absorb up to three regular tampons’ worth of flow, while there are styles like the Super Hi-Waist and Sleep Shorts that promise to hold up to five times worth.

Thinx, available on ASOS or at K11 Beauty, www.shethinx.com

Period Products Hong Kong: Intimina


Best for: a wide range of menstrual cups

Menstrual cups. This environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use pads and tampons can be a little intimidating to the uninitiated, but once you’ve mastered the mechanics of it, the cups can make your heaviest days hassle free! The online store carries a varied range of menstrual cups to try, including the popular Lily Cups from INTIMINA and Lunette Menstrual Cups, so you can see what works best for you.

MCup HK, WhatsApp: 6115 4506, hello@mcup.hk, www.mcup.hk


Best for: eco-friendly sanitary pads

Tsuno’s sustainable sanitary pads are made from natural bamboo and corn fibre, making them naturally absorbent, breathable, soft and antibacterial. The pads are individually wrapped in biodegradable sleeves and are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. What’s more, as a social enterprise, 50% of Tsuno’s profits are donated to charities dedicated to empowering women, with a focus on providing education and menstrual hygiene support.

Tsuno, available at Slowood, www.tsuno.com.au

Period Products Hong Kong: GladRags


Best for: 100% cotton reusable cloth pads

GladRags’ Day and Night Pads come in a box set of three, which allows you to customise the pad to suit your flow. Place one or two absorbent inserts inside the envelope-style holder, or use the holder on it’s own as an ultra slim liner. The reusable cloth pads are made of 100% cotton, and come in an array of fun patterns. Each of the pads have wings that snap around the gusset of your underwear, keeping them securely in place while you go about your day.

GladRags, available at Plastic-Free HK, www.gladrags.com

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