What your favourite yoga pose says about you

Whether you are an experienced yogi or just a begininer you most likely have one yoga pose that you love and look forward to all throughout the class. I don’t get to do my favourite pose (Tree Pose) in every class so when the teacher calls it out I feel a sense of excitement and calmness come over me all at once.

I started to think that since we all have different personalities the poses we are most attracted to in yoga may have some insight into the kind of people we are. Check below for your favourite pose and see if it relates to your personality outside the yoga room.

Tree Pose (my overall favourite)

You’re grounded but enjoy testing your limits. You are more curious about precision than perfection. For you, nothing is more fun than figuring out how to sway like a tree and still stay upright. You don’t mind falling over because you always get back up and try again understanding that is truly the heart of practice anyway.

Backbends (many times this is also my favourite)

If wheel is your favourite pose then you most likely have an open heart, loving nature and an excitement about the future.

Forward Bends

Loving forward bends indicates that you are introspective and not afraid to let yourself be quiet so you can hear your own thoughts. It can also be associated with looking to the past.

Revolved Standing Poses

You’re not afraid to take a bite out of the cookie of life. You’ve got a lot going on, and yet it seems to work because you know that it takes a delicate balance of hard work and surrender to keep it all together.


You’re interested in building your intuition and learning how to maintain a sense of trust in the face of a scary situation. You’re also not afraid of a challenge. You are open to seeing things from multiple points of view but your challenge is to learn how to find your center even when your world is turned upside down.


You’re a thrill seeker and know how to find balance in the midst of chaos. You also aren’t afraid of looking at things from different angles but the trick for you is to balance your exuberance with grace and to learn how to fall softly in the times when your enthusiasm leads you into a precarious position.

Corpse pose

You are likely tired, over-scheduled and craving some rest.

Let us know if your favourite pose fits your personality perfectly!

Credit: Lime – Healthy Living with a twist (article by Kate Hanley)

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