28 December, 2009

Interview with hkShoeGeek

28 December, 2009

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed hkFashionGeek, one half of the HKFashionGeek team, and this week we’re featuring hkShoeGeek – a girl with an obsessive love for fabulous footwear and an eye for a bargain!

Sassy: Who is your style icon?
hkShoeGeek: These days (I’m fickle), I’m in love with Elle’s Kate Lanphear, who does the dishevelled androgynous look to absolute perfection, as well as The MisShapes’ Leigh Lezark, who somehow makes basic black seem like the most interesting thing ever. And they both have hair that’s to die for.


Sassy: What is your favourite store in Hong Kong?
hkShoeGeek: Walking through Lane Crawford in IFC is my version of watching porn. I hardly ever buy anything, though — us Geeks are all about the warehouse sales!


Sassy: Can you give us one tip for making the most out of your wardrobe?
hkShoeGeek: Don’t throw things out — recycling fashion isn’t that difficult, and a little nifty tailoring can go a long way in terms of keeping up with trends. Often, something as simple as changing a hem length can give new life to an old item. And there’s that old ShoeGeek refrain — buy convertible items of which you’ll never get bored, like Complex Geometries’ or Harput’s Own’s incredible investment designs.


Sassy: What is the worst fashion mistake you have ever made?
hkShoeGeek: I’m sure I make them all the time — but I really don’t care! I did, however, once wear a triangular scarf as a top with the super-low jeans of 2002. Of course, that was in 2002. I was 21 and entitled to show a little too much skin…


Sassy: Describe the outfit you are currently wearing? (or your favourite outfit)
hkShoeGeek: I’m keeping it simple today in skinny jeans I picked up for US$14.99 at TJ Maxx, a semi-sheer white V-neck tee I got in Stanley for HK$20 and a gold harness I made from chains picked up in Sham Shui Po (HK$24). With fuschia suede Louboutins that, even on sale, cost more than 16 times the price of my entire outfit (I just calculated). They don’t call me ShoeGeek for nothing!


Sassy: If you had unlimited money to spend on just one item for Autumn/Winter, what would it be?
hkShoeGeek: Without a doubt, a Haider Ackermann leather jacket. Specifically, the one that opened his AW09 show. It wouldn’t kill me to have the floor-length satin number underneath, either!


Sassy: What do you love about Hong Kong?
hkShoeGeek: I love that there are tons of tiny independent retail outlets all over the place, the choices are endless. When you’ve come from US East Coast suburbia, you begin to think that every other boutique is an Express or Gap.

That, and Tsui Wah. I’ve been obsessed with Tsui Wah for something like a decade.


Sassy: What is your least favourite thing about Hong Kong
hkShoeGeek: International shipping costs. 🙁

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