Wedding Favours: Gift Ideas For Every Guest

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Something DIY: Wedding soundtrack CD

The average wedding in Hong Kong is estimated to cost $360,000, so it comes as no surprise that couples are looking to cut corners wherever they can! An ode to the mix-tape days, making a CD is a unique and budget-friendly wedding favour that’s sure to get your guests reminiscing about your big day (including the hangover that went with it!) every time they play it. From the song that you walked down the aisle to, to hits that had the whole party throwing some serious shapes, simply download your playlist to a blank disc and personalise with your own CD cover.

How much: A pack of 100 CDs start from $130 on Amazon or alternatively make a trip to Wan Chai computer centre to see what you can find. A pack of 10 personalised CD covers from Not On The High Street costs approx $100 (original prices are quoted in GBP.)

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Something Lucky: Lotto ticket/scratch card

Getting hitched in Hong Kong? Enter your guests into the lottery and make it special by choosing your numbers using a combination of dates which matter to you most (i.e. your wedding day!). Alternatively shell out for some scratch cards and fill a jar full of pennies for guests to get scratching with. With any luck, someone might just be able to pick up the bar tab (or a few Gatorades come morning).

How much: A standard Mark Six ticket costs $10 – more details here.


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Something Perfect for a Destination Wedding: Flip-flop bottle opener

If you’re tying the knot in Thailand or booking a blissful beach front wedding in Bali, these personalised bottle openers could be the perfect keepsake. A couple of clicks around Pinterest will definitely spark a few ideas for the occasion (fans for the ceremony are also a hot contender), but a bottle opener is a cute nod to your destination wedding and practical in that your guests will probably continue using them to pop a few beer caps throughout their holiday!

How much: Costs will vary depending on your distributor of choice i.e. Etsy/Amazon (and whether you choose to personalise the item), but we’d suggest scouting TaoBao for the best deals!

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Something to Remind You of Hong Kong: Hanging decorations

If you’re keen on gifting a slice of #homekong to your guests, these hanging decorations hit the nail on the head. Perfect for smaller wedding parties, The Lion Rock Press proudly pays homage to our city with cultural tokens that your guests can hang front and centre.

How much: $85-$100 each or $350 for a set of four – more details here.

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Something Sweet: Pick and mix

Have your guests literally feeling like kids in a sweet shop by setting up a candy bar for dessert! Do a bit of Googling as there are some pretty incredible display ideas floating around the internet, but even if you keep it simple this is one wedding favour that won’t disappoint. Pick up some sweet bags from Etsy (go ahead and personalise them if you like!) and either let your guests go at the goods pick and mix style, or pre-fill them with the bride and groom’s fave treats to dig in to at will.

How much: Sweet bundles from Mr Simms start from $2,500 for 8kg (with a choice of five different types of candy) – more details here.


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Something Eco-Friendly: Reusable straws

We’ve all heard that “by the year 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish” so why not forgo the plastic at your wedding entirely and give your guests a reusable straw that they can drink their coconut rum with instead? If your budget allows, buy each guest a little set which includes a draw-string pouch and straw cleaner, or alternatively just opt for an array of gold, silver or rainbow stainless steel to compliment your wedding theme.

How much: Buy single straws from HK businesses such as Live Zero from $20 per piece, or head to Amazon to buy in bulk.

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Something Sustainable: "Meant to Bee" seed packets

Adorable packet pun aside, the sustainable wedding favour trend is growing – and we’re on board. These “Meant to Bee” seed packets can be personalised with your wedding date and given to your guests to sprinkle pollen-rich wildflower seeds at will.

How much: Approx $120 for a pack of 10 “Meant to Bee” seeds (original prices are quoted in GBP).

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Something for a Good Cause: Charity donation

In lieu of favours, give each guest a card that notes a donation has been given on their behalf to a charity close to the bride and groom’s hearts. You can choose for each table to have donated to a different charity, or pick one – it’s entirely up to you and a beautiful gesture that everybody will appreciate.

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Something to Quench Your Thirst: Alcohol miniatures

If you’re looking for something simple that’s bound to hit the spot with your guests, give each person a miniature of your favourite tipple! Alternatively, tailor the contents to where you’re getting married (i.e. rum in Barbados!) or make your own batch of Limoncello shots for everyone to cheers with once the speeches finish and the party gets started.

How much: Check with your local spirits shop, or if you’re getting married abroad, ask your wedding planner to source the best supplier for a bulk purchase.

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Something Necessary: Hangover kit

Arguably the most sought-after wedding favour is the hangover kit! A tongue-in-cheek reminder of just how much fun the guests had, choose to personalise a set of drawstring bags and fill each one with essentials such as paracetamol, coffee, rehydration salts, a cheap pair of sunglasses and even hair of the dog. Round two, anyone?

How much: Prices will vary depending on who you choose to buy from, but Etsy have a great selection starting from $8 per piece.

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