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I’m planning my wedding at the moment, which (just to make things a little bit trickier for myself) will not be held in Hong Kong, but in Beaune, which is in the Burgundy region of France. I’m actually already legally married, in an extremely unromantic ceremony in a lawyer’s office on Des Voeux Road, which does take a lot of the pressure out of things. However, in the last few months before it all happens I’m struggling to raise much passion for the whole affair – the state of the world’s economy makes the timing of such a frivolous thing as a wedding seem almost in bad taste, and financial pressures have certainly taken their toll on our guest list too. I still want something beautiful though, and so I’m continuing to seek out inspiration on the web.
Two of my absolute favourite wedding websites are:
A Practical Wedding: Meg writes from the heart and her blog is starting a quiet revolution in wedding land. She tackles the Wedding Industrial Complex with gusto, featuring real weddings that are simple, alternative and filled with love. A Practical Wedding inspires me to remember the true meaning behind all the fluff, and to take all the details and “stuff” that all the wedding mags say you have to have, with a big pinch of salt.
100 Layer Cake: This is just pure, drool-worthy design beauty. Inspiring concept boards and a laid-back approach – sure, there are pink flowers and gorgeous aspirational details, but it all feels un-scary and attainable.
I’m not going to bore anyone any more on the subject of weddings, as to anyone other than soon to be, or recently-have-been brides, it can be dull dull dull! But if you do happen to be planning a wedding, check out the sites above for some inspiration.
(Image from 100 Layer Cake)
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