22 April, 2021
sustainable lifestyle tips
sustainable lifestyle tips
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7 Ways To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

22 April, 2021
sustainable lifestyle tips

From growing your own food to shopping for eco-friendly skincare, here are seven ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

As consumers, we have the power to make sustainable choices that are better for the environment. Whether you’re looking to reduce your daily waste, are hoping to eat more plant-based foods or support more local eco-conscious brands, here are seven simple steps you can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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How to:
Shop Sustainably
Eat Sustainably
Live Sustainably

7 Steps Towards A More Sustainable Lifestyle

How To Shop More Sustainably

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Shop Eco-Conscious Brands

With the rise in popularity of fast fashion and online shopping, it’s not surprising to see that the clothing industry is among the highest-polluting culprits. In light of this, it’s important that we all make an effort to steer away from disposable style items and support more sustainable labels that do their best to minimise their environmental impact. Here are some local eco-fashion brands we love.

Looking to do your skin and the planet a favour? A sustainably lifestyle extends to your beauty regime too. Whether it’s opting for reef-safe sunscreen or shopping from local ethical brands with a commitment to sustainable ingredients, every little helps!

Choose Faux Leather

While we’re certain a classic leather jacket will never go out of style, we can’t deny the leather industry’s high carbon footprint, not to mention its link to animal cruelty. But you don’t have to give up your cool biker chic look just yet! There are plenty of eco-friendly leather alternatives out there that are made from amazing sustainable materials, including pineapples and mushrooms!

Rent & Recycle

It’s not only a tiring task to keep up with the latest trends, but it can also be extremely harmful to the environment. Next time you want to try out the newest style, why not consider renting or buying the piece second-hand (the planet and your wallet will thank you!). As for the pieces you no longer want, get crafty and upcycle or donate them to give them a new lease of life.

How To Eat More Sustainably

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Source Locally Grown Produce

Whether you’re looking to stock up your vegetable drawer for the week or are simply wanting to spend a nice day in nature, take a trip to one of Hong Kong’s farms, such as Zen Organic Farm in Ta Kwu Ling or Fruitful Organic Farm in Yuen Long, where you can pick your own fresh produce straight from the ground. Some farms like Kam Tin Country Club Hong Kong offer fruit-picking which is always good fun! Those with green thumbs can even rent a plot of land and cultivate your own vegetables, fruits and herbs (try Living Farm in Tai Po or Grandpa’s Garden in DB).

Alternatively, for something more convenient, skip the supermarket for a trip to your local wet market. The amount of plastic packaging in Hong Kong supermarkets is appalling, with everything from fruit to greens wrapped up in tight plastic cellophane. Though plastic bags are prevalent in wet markets too, it’s possible to ask for your goods to be wrapped in your own reusable bags and containers if you bring them along with you!

See below for information on zero-waste stores.

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Explore A Plant-Based Diet

From water reservation to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the environmental benefits of cutting down on your meat intake is nothing to sneeze at. It’s nice to see that our city is jumping on the bandwagon with more vegetarian and vegan restaurants cropping up around the town, and we’ve also been happy to see a lot more plant-based meat alternatives on menus.

Cooking at home? Check out this comforting vegan recipe for Mexican Cacao Pozole from the now-closed Confusion.

How To Live More Sustainably

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Go Plastic-Free

We’re all aware that we need to stop using single-use plastics. It certainly takes effort to go completely plastic-free in Hong Kong, but even just bringing along your own reusable tote, straw and lunch box can make a difference. Take the next step by visiting a zero-waste store like Slowood or Edgar where you can fill your own reusable containers with everyday essentials like dish soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and pantry staples.

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Switch To Sustainable Period Products

The idea of swapping out your single-use pads and tampons can be quite intimidating, but we promise that many sustainable alternatives are user-friendly and comfortable to wear. Whether you’re ready to take the big leap and try out menstrual cups or are simply looking for a reusable alternative to single-use pads, there are plenty of fantastic eco-friendly period products out there that are worth a try. Head here for everything you need to know before you make the switch.

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