5 August, 2022
vitae facegym facial exercise spa treatments beauty health wellness fala chen collagen boost
vitae facegym facial exercise spa treatments beauty health wellness fala chen collagen boost
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Bring Back A Youthful Glow With Hong Kong’s First And Only Facial Exercise Treatment

5 August, 2022
vitae facegym facial exercise spa treatments beauty health wellness fala chen collagen boost scoop

From lite-medical aesthetic lifestyle brand VITAE, the FaceGym™ treatment tones your facial skin and muscle from the inside out, delivering that much-coveted youthful glow and look.

A beauty trend popular in Europe and the United States, you might know this facial exercise concept as face yoga, where you stimulate and build the muscles in your face to help maintain its contours and even the elasticity of the skin. All of this together results in a younger, more lifted appearance.

Touting itself as the first and only treatment centre in Hong Kong to offer an exclusively for-the-face exercise treatment, VITAE’s FaceGym™ is attempting the impossible (or taking its best shot at the closest thing to it!)rewinding time, reversing ageing and bringing back that look of youth to your skin and face. Read on to learn what exactly the FaceGym™ treatment is and why it’s so unique.

Your face is one of the first places to really show your age. Even with the most rigorous of skincare routines, exercising your face isn’t quite on our radar. And the sagging of skin, the drooping of our features and the new appearance of fine lines and wrinkles usually have us turning towards fillers, injectables and plastic surgery.

vitae facegym facial exercise spa treatments beauty health wellness fala chen

The VITAE FaceGym™ tones your facial skin and muscle from inside and out, revitalising your muscle cell contractions. While you’re not quite turning back a literal clock, this treatment works to undo signs of up to three years of ageing that appear on your skin, bringing back that heart-shaped contour and the fresh, rosy glow that one associates with youthful skin.

VITAE Brand Ambassador Fala Chen fell in love immediately with the treatment on her first try. It’s no surprise when you consider that this is a totally non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to more risky procedures out there. The VITAE FaceGym™ treatment boosts your blood circulation — which improves your skin’s laxity (its elasticity, which is what makes your skin appear younger!) as well as countering dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, a deep moisturising and hydrating effect.

The VITAE FaceGym™ treatment combines three medical-grade, FDA-cleared aesthetic devices (clinically safe and effective!) to:

  • brighten the complexion by 93 percent¹
  • lock in moisture by 83 percent¹
  • smoothen lines and wrinkles by 72 percent¹
  • lift and tighten the skin by 88 percent²

VITAE is the only facial spa around town that’s offering a face-targeted treatment like this, so if you’ve been feeling uncertain or even upset about the look of the skin on your face, don’t fret! You will, of course, still look like your beautiful self, only with firmer skin and a fullness to your cheeks. You’d be surprised at what a difference it will make to your face.

vitae facegym facial exercise spa treatments beauty health wellness centre

VITAE’s treatment centres — all featuring a contemporary design and décor in the brand’s signature dusty rose colour scheme — are located at the Peninsula Office Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, New World Tower in Central and Soundwill Plaza in Causeway Bay.

Sassy Tip: Register for a free³ VITAE FaceGym™ – Step 3 OPT Skin Brightening Treatment trial (valued at $1,300!), a brightening and smoothening skin treatment, at the VITAE Central centre. You can register here.

VITAE (Central)10/F, New World Tower II, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

VITAE (Causeway Bay), 22/F, Soundwill Plaza, 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

VITAE (Tsim Sha Tsui), 16/F, Peninsula Office Tower, 18 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3929 1838, Facebook: VITAE – FaceGym, Instagram: @vitae.hk, www.vitae.com.hk

¹Based on a FaceGymTM post-treatment sensory evaluation of 102 female participants.
²Based on an independent third-party clinical study’s results, conducted by Cutest Systems Ltd.
³Offer only applies to first-time customers aged 18 or above who have never received any service from VITAE (including all brands of Miricor Enterprises).

Brought to you in partnership with VITAE.

All images courtesy of VITAE.

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