7 June, 2011

True Aromatherapy at Elemis Day Spa

7 June, 2011
UPDATE: EDS has now closed.
As any Sassy girl who loves her massages will tell you, Hong Kong can leave you spoiled for choice. From cheap foot massages to luxurious spa packages, there is definitely something here for everyone.  Since moving to Hong Kong, my mindset has shifted from considering a massage the sort of treat I save for holidays away to making massages a bit of a habit, and there are many Saturdays when you can find me popping into my neighborhood massage spot for a light, relaxing massage before dinner. I have had many of these so-called “aroma massages” in the past, and usually I just choose a scented oil at random based on whatever I am in the mood to smell like (recently I have been a big fan of lemongrass). However, I recently learned that the specialists at Elemis Day Spa in LKF are working to educate spa-goers about the fact that true aromatherapy is different from the light-touch massage with scented oil that is frequently called an aroma massage. I was intrigued to hear that the various types of oil actually have different benefits, and that someone who is trained in aromatherapy can choose the right oils for an individual (or even specific parts of an individual) to help them get the most out of a massage.


From the moment I stepped out of the elevator at Elemis Day Spa, it was easy to forget I was in the middle of LKF! The vibe at Elemis is one of modern simplicity, and most important of all, complete calm.  Upon arrival I was immediately shown into a spacious changing room to put on a cozy robe and slippers, then invited to unwind in the homey relaxation room.
While I enjoyed a cup of Elemis’s signature warm lemon-ginger drink, I completed a questionnaire to help the aroma-therapist customize my treatment.  In addition to a very typical list of questions about health conditions, allergies, and medications, there were questions about diet and exercise, sleep habits, and joint/muscle pain.  Fortunately for me, I am pretty healthy in terms of exercise and diet (I think my daily trip to the gym saved me from being scolded for checking off that I drink coffee, tea, AND alcohol….), and I sleep like a rock.  My main concern was that I often have pain in my right shoulder, most likely a product of spending too much time pushing a computer mouse and hauling my too-heavy handbag around Hong Kong.


My therapist made a special blend of oils just for me, mixing rosemary, rose, and lavender.  The rosemary was chosen to help ease joint and muscle pain, the rose for relaxation (since I was off work for the afternoon – lucky me!), and the lavender to enhance the properties of the other oils.  Besides aches and pains, my aroma therapist told me that she can do treatments that are specific to people who are having other sorts of problems like digestive issues or trouble sleeping.  After a blissful 75 minutes (and no more shoulder pain, hooray!), I was taken back to the relaxation room where the staff welcomed me to stay and enjoy a selection of drinks, fruits, and baked treats while paging through a stack of magazines until I was ready to brave the crowded streets of Hong Kong again feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Customized aromatherapy treatments at Elemis Day Spa start at HK$940.

9/F, Century Square
1 D’Aguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2521 6660

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