3 June, 2011

The No-Nonsense Facial at Paul Gerrard

3 June, 2011

There are, roughly, three categories of facials in my book; I don’t really discriminate and have enough love for all three types as my choices are mostly driven by skin needs and mood. My categories are:

1.       The pampering type: This type of facial is great for when you need a little TLC; massaging stimulates the skin and is incredibly uplifting. The holistic approach is good for the soul and general wellbeing.

2.       The no-nonsense facial: Rarely comes with scented candles; this facial is a little stripped down and focuses on the key elements: cleansing, massaging, extraction and mask. It’s nothing fancy, but does the job.

3.       The clinical facial: usually involves heavy duty machinery, chemicals (AHAs, glycolic acid, etc.) and some pain/discomfort. Results are more noticeable but tend to come with a heftier price tag.

If the title isn’t already a giveaway, my second facial at Paul Gerrard, using Dermalogica products, fell firmly within the no-nonsense category. Administered by the straight-talking Eva, it followed the familiar routine of double cleansing, lights on for close-up scrutinizing, gentle massaging with essential oils to aid the extractions (ow!) that followed, cleansing again then a soothing and moisturizing mask.

It wasn’t the most soothing, nor the most pampering experience I’ve ever had. Why then did I go back a second time? Simply because it works – twice I’ve arrived with hormone-induced breakouts, and twice I’ve left with calmer, clearer skin. Egged on by my enthusiasm, Eva also conducted a mild interrogation of my skincare routine and masks. I learnt things I never knew before which can be applied to my Dermalogica routine (eg. moisturizer over the overnight clearing gel to cope with my oily/schizophrenic T-zone).

It may not be anything fancy, but if you’re after a simple but effective facial, you could do worse than book yourself in for a session with Eva. The online booking system is a little outdated but works; it’s also worth remembering that all Dermalogica facials are customized to each individual.

Cost: One hour facial with Eva at Paul Gerrard costs HKD600

To book, visit www.paulgerrard.com or ring 2869 4408

Paul Gerrard, 1 & 2/F, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central, 2869 4408

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