13 February, 2018

You Can Afford to Travel in 2018 – Here’s How

13 February, 2018

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We live in a city where a cup of coffee can cost the same as Yum Cha, and while forking out for your morning Starbucks doesn’t seem like it would amount to much, what would you think if we told you that by saving an average of $35 a day, for six months, it meant that you could fly to Barcelona come summer?

A recent report by MoveHub concluded that Hong Kongers spend an average of $23,000 on travel per year, and while we are some of the most frequent travellers in the world, we’re constantly seeking the means to go further and explore more. With an abundance of public holidays to choose from, we’re hooked on seeking out trending travel hotspots, but with the urge to book a flight ever present, how can we possibly afford to keep up our expensive spending habits? Here’s how…

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Source: Skyscanner. *Any prices cited (rounded to the nearest hundred) are average estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability

Dine out less

This one hits the hardest. With so many delicious restos popping up left, right and centre, giving up our Truffle Tagliolini from Pici is not something we’re ready to commit to… but we should! Skyscanner surveyed 400 travellers in Hong Kong to see what they’d be happy to give up in order to travel more, and dining out at a high end restaurant made the cut. But before we justify our indulgences with our go-to ‘eating out is just as expensive as eating in,’ argument, if you forgo that boozy brunch just once a month, in six months you’ve saved $3,600 and laughing all the way to Bangkok, twice.

Money saved in six months: $3,600 (average spend per month, $600)

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Take less taxis

Compared to the likes of London, taxi fares in Hong Kong are comical. Stumbling into a taxi after a heavy night in Wan Chai is the sensible decision, but do we really need to flag a cab back from the office when the MTR is just a few minutes walk away? Skyscanner estimated that we approximately spend $150 on this convenience a week, but by taking the ‘ding ding’ more and racking up those steps on our Fitbit, we’ve saved $3,600 in six months to spend on a sunny beach getaway, with a little extra to splurge on a new bikini.

Money saved in six months: $3,600 (average spend per week, $150)

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Source: Skyscanner. *Any prices cited (rounded to the nearest hundred) are average estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability

Strip back on beauty treatments

We deserve the hell out of a monthly massage, but beauty sadly comes with a hefty price tag in Honkers. Okay, a cheeky foot massage isn’t going to tug too hard at the purse strings, but our $700 facial and hot stone treatment might. Improvise with a face mask from Sasa and grab some pore strips from Mannings for just six months, because you might just find yourself aboard a plane to Prague in November.

Money saved in six months: $4,200 (average spend per month, $700)

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Break your coffee habit

Because, let’s be honest, it really is just that, a habit. The coffee at work might be a bit gross, but it will be worth sacrificing your double shot, no foam skinny latte for when you’ve saved over $5,000 in just a couple of months. Buy a thermos and bring in your brew or save buying one for days that you really need a caffeine boost (we admit, that’s every day), but you’ll soon be reaping the rewards for your restraint.

Money saved in six months: $5,040 (average spend per day, $35)

Featured image credited to Avrielle Suleiman via Unsplash

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