27 March, 2017
picci starters
picci starters
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Pici: Serving Up Homemade Italian Fare in Wan Chai

27 March, 2017
picci starters

A pasta lovers dream…

Meet me in the middle price sticker

District: Wan Chai
Cuisine: Italian
How much: Mains range between $85-160
The best for: Casual mid-week dinner
Must order: Homemade meatballs and lasagna

Situated near the ever-popular Star Street, the Pirata group has picked a fantastic location for its newest venture, Pici. An Italian restaurant serving fresh handmade pasta, this is the group’s second restaurant to open this year and the fourth in total.

Pici is an intimate restaurant housed across two floors. With low lighting, open brickwork and tasteful décor, it offers everything we’ve come to expect from the minds behind Pirata and provides a dining experience to match the high caliber of food on offer.

The menu simply can’t be faulted. The pasta is made fresh each morning by chef Andrea Viglione (he’s as delicious as the food) and, as a born and bred Italian, he offers a genuine flavor to his dishes. The menu is succinct but takes us on a tour of Italy with dishes that showcase the different regions of the country. There is an array of pasta variations to try, and I was more than happy to overload on carbs and get stuck in.

picci burrata

In order to balance out the carbs, I opted for Burrata cheese ($95) and homemade meatballs ($85) to start. Fresh cheese is always a great way to begin an Italian meal, and Burrata cheese is a creamy delight that almost puts bog standard mozzarella to shame. Filled with cream, it oozes across the plate, yet is light enough to leave you wanting more. The homemade meatballs are seeped in authenticity (just like mamma used to make) and flavour.

picci meatballs

When it comes to main meals there is no greater comfort food than lasagna (a bargain at $120) so I was delighted to see this classic dish on the menu. Layers of beef ragu and béchamel sauce is never going to disappoint and as someone who has had their fair share of lasagna, this definitely ranks high for quality.

Oven Baked gnocchi gratin ($90) was another great option and a delicious choice for vegetarians. The little potato dumplings were light and tender, and the mozzarella and cherry tomatoes made a rich companion. Truffle ravioli ($120) was also definitely one of my favorites. The ravioli is bursting with asparagus and shallots and the truffle compliments it superbly.

If you’re unsure of what to order, go for the tasting menu. Priced at $250 for a choice of any three pastas, it’s a great way to get your fill of Pici’s delicous home-made delights.

Picci, G/F, No. 16 St. Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong, www.pici.hk

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