21 February, 2013
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Top 5 Exercise Classes for the New Year

21 February, 2013

Hands up if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get fit/go to the gym/look like Miranda Kerr come junk season. If you’re fed up of battling for the hair dryer at the gym or are already bored of the treadmill, we’ve put together our Top Five Exercises Classes for the new year – so you can keep that resolution going all the way through to Christmas!

No Holds Barre-d!
Remember when everyone wanted to start up ballet after Black Swan? FlexHK is now offering Xtend Barre classes – an extremely powerful, fast-paced class designed to sculpt and tone using a ballet barre and mat to help you achieve that dancer’s physique. It’s a gruelling challenging workout but the overall effect it has on your body and posture is incredible. With classes ranging from Beginner to Intermediate, you’ll be sure to find a class to suit you. Check out our full review here.

If you want to ‘raise the barre’ even further, check out new studio Trinity’s BarreAmped classes, which offer an intensive full body workout involving weights, balls and of course, a ballet bar for optimal positioning – see our full review here!

Flex Studio, 1/F, Regency Centre (Phase II), 43 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, 2813 2212, [email protected]; see full schedule here and email or call for prices.

BarreAmped classes cost $250 per session with packages available. Classes are held at Red Dance Studio, Unit 3A, 3/F Arbuthnot House, 10 Arbuthnot Road Central, Hong Kong; see full schedule and book online here

CrossFit has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past year. A strength and conditioning program based on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity, CrossFit is the ideal workout for anyone looking to seriously change their routine and feel part of a workout community. The goal of CrossFit is to be physically fit, pushing your body to its limits so that you are performing to your optimum. Don’t expect to be picking up pink dumbbells and looking pretty – CrossFit is challenging yet very rewarding. CrossFit Asphodel offers On Ramp classes (which teach you all the essential CrossFit movements) as a pre-requisite for all members wanting to join; after completing the On Ramp programme, you can attend their full selection of CrossFit classes.

CrossFit Asphodel offer one free trial class one Sunday a month; see the next sessions here. The On Ramp programme costs $1650 for 4 hours; CrossFit packages start from $2000 per month.

Crossfit Asphodel, Unit 11C, Wah Ha Factory Building, 8 Shipyard Lane, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, 3568 7719

Coastal Fitness, Bikini Fit and Rock Fitness all offer fantastic bootcamps across Hong Kong to whip any gym-o-phobe into shape. These outdoor group training programmes welcome people looking to spice up their routine or improve fitness levels and are certainly worthy of the price tag. You can check out our full review of Bikini Fit, HK’s premier girls-only fitness programme, here.

Prices vary; phone or check their websites for further information.

Coastal Fitness 9862 9851; Bikini Fit 5632 2367; Rock Fitness 9685 8839

Pole Dancing
No, I’m not joking! Pole dancing was so popular when I was at university that there was even a Pole Dancing Club! Not just for exotic dancers, pole dancing has become a great alternative for women to tone up, lose weight and improve flexibility – it’s also incredible for strengthening your core (think about it, have you ever seen a fat pole dancer?). Pole Paradise Studios offers a range of classes depending on your level of experience, and if you’re not quite ready to take to the pole, they also offer aerial hoop and silk classes too.

Single classes cost $290, with early bird discounts and packages also available.

Pole Paradise Studio, 10/F CS Tower, 50-54 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2543 0198

Torq Cycling
Think spinning with weights. OK, that may sound like torture but in fact, Torq is a pioneering cycling studio conveniently situated in Central that will trim you down and tone you up in no time! Torq is a high-energy complete cardio workout that engages the core and conditions your upper body with the use of auxiliary equipment including dumb-bells, barbells and bands – think ‘spin class on crack’! Check out our full review here.

Torq are currently offering two free trial sessions when you sign up on their website. Sessions start at $250 with package deals for 5-25 rides.

Torq Cycle, 26/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong, 2677 8623

Working out isn’t all about the classes – you need to have the attitude to go with it. Whether you want a sexy six pack or to complete a marathon, you’re going to have to work for it to achieve your goals! Here are my top five tips for keeping motivated; along with some variety to your workout routine, hopefully these will keep you going all year through.

  • Don’t do it alone: Work out with a friend, share healthy recipes and encourage each other – it’s always so much easier to stay motivated when you’ve got someone to do it with! Sassy girls Emma, Sophie, Natalie and myself are currently doing Bikini Fit and we love it!
  • Follow the right people: I’m obsessed with fitness-related social media accounts – follow accounts such @fightforfit and @kissmybroccoli on Instagram or create a healthy living Pinterest board to pin recipes, exercises and healthy images.
  • Be realistic: OK, you won’t go to the gym every day really. Set realistic targets so that you don’t feel like you’re letting yourself down.
  • Treat yourself: Just like buying a new pair of shoes, buying new gym gear really does encourage you to work out! Ditch the old and worn track pants and trade them in for a new pair of leggings (we hear Lululemon calling!) – it really does help boost the self-esteem and motivation.
  • Don’t give up: Remember – it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body is changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to!

Want to work up even more of a sweat? Check out five more fab classes we’ve already reviewed below:

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