15 January, 2015
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Top 10 Fitness Instagram Accounts

15 January, 2015

After sifting through thousands of skinny white girl selfies, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Instagram accounts to inspire your fitness routine, whatever your preferred method of sweating might be.


This one’s for the distance junkies. Amanda Brooks’ genuine love for running comes through her motivational posts encouraging realistic goals, injury prevention and finding joy in every step.


This Caribbean-based Swedish yogi’s hyper-speed vinyasa videos, stand-up paddle board asanas and toothy grins (both hers and that of her awkward Italian greyhound sidekick, Ringo) focus on positivity and gratitude.


The only man to make this list, most posts include a trademarked Fit Tip or new exercise to try. The usable advice and lack of flexing selfies make him the follow.


This Under Armour-sponsored aerobics, pilates and yoga instructor holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Public Health. Her mini work-out videos offer ideas for new moves and tips for proper form.


Tiger is a Muay Thai, mixed martial arts and fitness camp located in Phuket, Thailand. Its’ account is a window into the sweaty, ass-kicking paradise.


We all wanted to be ballerinas when we grew up and Mary Helen Bowers lets us live vicariously through her. This feed is less fitness focused but the photography and artistry merit its spot on the list.


Massy Arias could grate cheese on her abs, even though the nutrition expert would only do so in moderation. Her daily workouts have names like the “brush your shoulders off & superman that plank challenge” and her fitness philosophy revolves around small, achievable changes that add up to results.


YouTube star Cassey Ho offers fitness and nutrition advice mixed with just the right amount of piglets, puppies and other assorted fluffy creatures.


This team Great Britain track and field star-turned-personal trainer is constantly trying new sports that keep her hazelnut following of fans engaged.


Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn posts a mix of slope shots, gym tips and personal pictures on her constantly-updated account.

Lead image sourced via Pinterest
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