26 October, 2012

TOMS now in Lane Crawford – shoes for good!

26 October, 2012

Ladies, we know you have a shoe addiction; it’s no secret that your cupboard is stuffed with pair after pair of the highest heels and most luscious brands out there! But did you know that there is a shoe company out there doing good with every pair sold? That’s right! One very special shoe company puts a pair of shoes on the feet of a child in need with every pair they sell in stores. So just who is this charitable brand, you ask? TOMS! And now that TOMS have landed in Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, it’s time to buy some shoes and do some good!

Founder Blake Mycoskie wanted to call his company “Shoes for a Better Tomorrow” but figured that the name was too long to slap on a label – so he shortened it to TOMS and the brand was born in 2006! Since then, over 2 million pairs of these casual canvas shoes have been given out in over 40 countries.

So why shoes? Many schools actually require shoes for attendance and wearing shoes also protects these children from soil-born diseases and difficult terrain on their daily walks. TOMS are constantly giving out shoes, sometimes even to the same children… because as we know kids (and their feet!) have a tendency to grow!

Lane Crawford in IFC is showcasing this altruistic brand until mid-November with a special in-store exhibition; you can also now buy TOMS at all Lane Crawfords in Hong Kong, plus online here too! There are loads of styles on offer from the canvas basics, to blue suede, to the crochet variety. Prices are completely affordable (ranging from $400-1200 or so) and many styles are unisex, meaning that the ladies with the larger feet (like me!) can still find a style to suit.

I picked up a pair of denim lace ups and have been practically living in them since – they’re that comfy! I also loved the wedges, for a different take on the humble canvas shoe!

There are also eight specially designed pairs of TOMS on auction in Lane Crawford, created by local and international designers including artists like Charles Munka, HK’s own Prodip and anothermountainman.

While you’re there shoe shopping, you should also check out their eyewear collection – and just like the footwear, it is all about giving to those in need. With every pair of glasses purchased, TOMS provides either glasses, or sight saving or restoring surgery to a person in need. So for the price of a pair of sunnies (around $1400), you are giving to sight to someone somewhere around the globe… Truly a priceless experience!

So there are absolutely no excuses not to stop by Lane Crawford and pick up something from TOMS. With holiday season fast approaching, you can get your Christmas shopping done early (pairs of TOMS all round!) and know that you are also spreading love and cheer, shoes and sight around the world! Happy giving everyone!

Lane Crawford, Podium 3, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2118 3388


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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