24 November, 2010

The 42-step facial at Melo Spa

24 November, 2010

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason my birthday this year was a hard one for me. I never ever have been that girl who agonizes over growing older and hitting 30 last year was no big deal for me. This year though was a different story. I feel like I am now constantly analyzing every little wrinkle that crops up on my face and I am noticing that my skin is way duller then years past. While it is inevitable that signs of aging will occur in all of us I am beginning to realize that I am so not getting younger and if I want to grow old gracefully I kind of have to give my skin the love and attention that it rightfully deserves. This means, no more getting into bed without washing my makeup off (sadly, this happens way too often) and I need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

So, in between all of this worry about growing old I received a call from Melo Spa (located in the Hyatt Sha Tin) inviting me to try out their new Payot facial, which is a 42-step facial technique founded by Dr. Nadia Payot who was one of the first female doctors in the early 1900’s. Being that I had such a nice time on my first trip out to the Hyatt in Sha Tin, I decided to take a Friday afternoon off and enjoy a relaxing visit to the uber comfy Melo Spa. I purposefully scheduled my treatment for the day before my birthday so I could banish all this grow old worry and enter into year 31 feeling fresh faced and pretty (on a side note, a friend of mine stumbled upon an article that declared we are most attractive at 31 so my hopes are now very high for this year).

Okay, so enough about me whining about aging. Let me tell you about the facial. I would first like to caveat that my recollection of the treatment is quite low because it was just so darn soothing. I never actually fall asleep during spa treatments and on this one I was pretty much out cold for half the time (their super comfy Kashwere blankets may have been the culprit). I take this as the most positive of compliments because even in yoga class my mind wanders all over the place so for me to completely check out is a true success.

The treatment that was scheduled for me that day was the 90 minute Intense Moisture Ritual Facial which is an intensive mineral treatment to sooth thirsty and dehydrated skin. Being that Melo Spa is the only spa in Hong Kong to introduce treatments using Payot products and their signature 42-step facial technique I was curious to learn a bit more all it. Dr. Payot essentially is a beauty genius. She used her in-depth knowledge of the skin and developed a facial technique that helps to stimulate the circulation, draining and toning of the facial muscles. The facial begins with deep breathing and relaxation movements which is the reason it was so easy for me to drift off to dream world.

The facial itself I thought was really great but my favourite part was when the hydrating mask was on my face. Typically this is the time where your therapist leaves the room and comes back in 20 minutes when the mask is meant to come off. This did not happen during my treatment, while we waited for my mask to do its job my therapists gave me an amazing hand massage so it was a true 90 minutes of pure heaven.

Melo Spa offers a series of exclusive facial and body treatments using Payot Products and prices range from $700-$1,500. For more information on the specific Payot treatments on offer visit Melo Spa’s website or call them at 3723 7684.

Melo Spa, 5/F, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Hong Kong, 3723 7684, [email protected]

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