5 February, 2010


5 February, 2010

Last week Hester and I ventured over to TST (which really is not that far away girls!) for the store opening of THANN, which is a Thai brand that offers amazing products that are formulated from nature’s botanicals. It was the first time we heard of the brand and we learned that we have been missing out as it is already internationally known and for obvious reasons, huge in Thailand.

Upon entering THANN we became desperate for a holiday to Thailand. The store design is inspired by nature and it immediately provided us with an escape from the bustling city. The natural materials produce such a clean effect for me that it felt as if we were in a spa – and there is nothing better than shopping when your mind and body is at complete ease!

The main focus of THANN is their beauty and skincare products and they range from face and lip care, body care, hair and bath products.  All of their lines have the perfect mix of combining natural therapies with modern dermatological science. The key ingredient that they use is Vitamin E-rich extract from rice bran oil (which is simply called rice!). They have a number of collections on offer: Mediterranean Floral, Sea Foam, Aromatic Wood, Oriental Essence, Rice, and Shiso. I love the smell of lemongrass so my favourite collection was definitely the Oriental Essence!

While we were expecting to be wowed by the beauty products on offer we weren’t expecting the home products that THANN sells in their stores. They have a variety of teas that come is bright packaging which would be a perfect decor addition to your kitchen counter and they had the most wonderful tea sets which we thought would be the most perfect gift for any occasion. The really cool thing about the store is that everything is for sale – even the furniture and decorations. Talk about one stop shopping!

If you are searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for your guy (or even yourself) then check out THANN as they have a special Valentine’s Day package on offer. They are offering an exclusive wooden gift box (valued at $80) and you can chose from two gift sets from their Aromatic Collection (gift sets are priced at $1,100 and $634).

I know for sure that I will be visiting the THANN store someday soon because I think it is the perfect place to pick up a little something for me and a little something for you!

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