5 February, 2010
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Handmade Mart at Culture Club Gallery – Saturday 6th February

5 February, 2010

We just saw rain in the forecast for tomorrow so it is unlikely we will be hitting the beach so we are looking forward to checking out the Handmade Mart at Culture Club. The shopping event features handmade gift items created by local artists and as we are always looking for unique accessories this has been added to our to do list for tomorrow.

The artists that will be displaying their work are:
Ju ju be
Libby La Soup
The Gal Who Sold Tora
Pink Panda Mary: Zoo
Happy Ending
Polaw Chikan
Happy Gift
LoSo Shop
Tango Zakka
Kusion Jewellry

Event Details
Date: Saturday, 6th February
Time: 2pm-6pm
Location: Culture Club Gallery – 15 Elgin Street (lower), Soho, 2127 7936
Enquiries: united. sunday.artists@gmail.com

We are looking forward to meeting Joyce from Ju ju be as she is a loyal Sassy reader! Her pieces are all originally designed and handcrafted with precious gemstones and 14k gold. She has also been featured on many high profile blogs which top the list in the handmade and design blog industry! The necklace below is one of my favourites in her line. If you can’t stop by to meet her tomorrow you can check out her Etsy store!

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