1 March, 2012

Swing, Sing & Shine with Swarovski’s Spring Collection!

1 March, 2012

As soon as Maura and I walked into the party to launch Swarovski’s Spring Collection, Swing Sing & Shine, we knew we were in the right place.

Sweeties and sparkles! Champers and cupcakes! And plenty of splashes of pink!

Swarovski had totally taken over The French Window restaurant in the ifc Sassy-style! The place was dripping in bling practically everywhere you looked… and we definitely wouldn’t mind having some of those giant jars of marshmallows topped off with dazzling statement necklaces in our kitchen.

We were then treated to a Sixties-inspired catwalk show starring all of Swarovski’s latest jewellery – and I imagine you would have been able to see the sparkles all the way across the harbour! This probably isn’t jewellery for the everyday or for general office-wear, but if you are looking to add heaps of glitz and glamour to an outfit, look no further.

Angelababy (model, actress and general HK It-girl) then made an appearance and I had to explain to Maura why the crowd of photographers all began screaming ‘Baby!!! Baby!!!’; never mind the jewellery, we were nearly blinded by all the flashbulbs! (For anyone interested in these kinds of things, I reckon that she is prettier and more petite in real life than in photos.)

Swarovski’s Swing Sing & Shine Collection is full of big, bold and bright designs that definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted but are perfect for jazzing up an outfit in a flash. I’d advocate going for some of the more simple, modern designs in just one accessory (some of the statement necklaces and knuckleduster rings were especially fab) if you’re not ready for a total rainbow riot just yet.

Shine on girls!

Thanks to the gorgeous Amanda Lee from Fashiongraphy for the amazing jewellery photos!

The Swing, Sing & Shine Collection is available at Swarovski boutiques now.

Swarovski, 11-19 Great George Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2972 2198. See all other Hong Kong locations here.

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