1 March, 2012

Marni for H&M – our tips and tricks to scoring the goods!

1 March, 2012

It seems like just yesterday I was lining up at 4am and sleeping in the street to get a crack at the Very Best of Versace for H&M. Well, now it is time for another guest collection…. And this time, it is Marni for H&M that will have fans drooling at the window displays and setting their alarm clock for ungodly hours. Is it worth it, you ask?! Heck yeah! Have you seen what’s up for grabs!?!

You have to be really confident to pull off the vast amount of prints on display (or you can just read my previous post on how to pull off polkadots). My number one pick is the black polka dot coat, which I am pretty sure you could style a million ways! Another love at first sight option is the brown and grey leather shirt. Ah-mazing!

The blue polkadot suit seriously makes me want to join the cast of Pan Am. Lastly, I want to bury myself deep down into the oversize navy anorak and not emerge until spring! The more I view the images, the more it is looking like I will be sitting on Queen’s Road before the sun comes up. The accessories alone would make me camp out! Hello giant necklaces!!!!

On March 8th, the doors will open and only the first 280 people in line will get a chance to shop the collection. Typically, after this, the pickings are slim… and I mean miniscule. Best to come early! Those 280 will be given a colour-coded bracelet. Each colour (14 in all) indicates a 10-minute window when you will be allowed in to shop to the collection. The good news is that the Marni Collection should all be in one small area, so no traipsing around the whole store. Also, there are around twice as many employees as people inside the shopping barrier, so you can just tell them what you want and what size and they will scurry off and get it while you are fighting another battle.

Be sure to have a goal and know what you are going to buy before you get there. It is all too easy to be lured in by the fact that you slept on Queen’s Road, you waited in line for 6 hours, you have 10 minutes to shop, and you see hundreds of pairs of eyes vying for what is in your hand! Last time, I got a little caught up in it all and bought an awesome but unplanned studded leather motorcycle jacket on a whim from the Versace Collection and I still have yet to wear it… make me an offer if you are interested! (It’s size men’s medium/women’s 40ish.)

You can download the H&M app for your phone and view photos of all the pieces and prices too – that way you can tally up your bill before you even get inside! Oh… and know that you only have 3 days to make a return instead of the typical 30 (and all accessories and swimwear cannot be exchanged or refunded), so decide if you want to keep, sell, or return quickly!

Sabrina’s Tips to Score the Goods!

1.  Arrive early. 6am is late, so you know. I got to Versace at 4am and was around the 180th person in line.

2.  Bring a friend. You may have to lure her in with the promise of a foot rub afterward, but it is nice to have someone to go through it all with.

3.  Last year, I brought books and electronics with me, but ended up sleeping for most of my walk or chatting to those around me. Best to bring some mental stimulation just in case though!

4.  Wear comfortable shoes. I am the queen of the high heel and I will practically be wearing slippers to this. You will be standing in line for several hours. It’s ok to look ugly.

5.  Wear an outfit that you can try stuff on over. Leggings and a tank top make for a great base and allow you to try on most things over your clothing, avoiding that troublesome trip to the fitting room. Beware of bulky tops that make you buy jackets in bigger sizes.

6.  Bring a purse that can go cross-body or over your shoulder… and then fill it with snacks and drinks. I brought a proper handbag to Lanvin for H&M, was stuck holding it for three hours and was starving the entire time. Lesson learned!

7.  Know what you want and what size you need before you get there. For Lanvin, I saw girls with huge charts listing each item and what size they needed, so that they not only got what they were looking for, but what all their friends desired as well. Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

8.  Buy jewellery. It is the easiest to wear and the easiest to sell if you change your mind. Plus, the sequin collar is TDF (to die for).

9.  Be nice and polite but, girl, don’t let go of that jacket! If you set it down, it is gone – and you are only allowed to buy one size or piece of each item. Go to your must-haves first and then snap up the jewellery, bags, and belts. At Versace, most of the accessories were gone by the 200th person.

10.  Buy a cheap foldable stool at Japan Home Centre. I picked one up for about HK$30 and was the envy of all around! It saved me from having to sit on the hard concrete for all those hours.

Happy shopping!

Stores in Hong Kong that will feature Marni for H&M on 8 March, 2012:

– 68 Queen’s Road, Central
, 2110 9546
– Elements, 
Kowloon Station
, Kowloon, 2196 8391
– 30 Canton Road,
, Tsim Sha Tsui, 3521 1171
– Langham Place, 
Mong Kok, 3580 7621
– New Town Plaza, Phase 1, Sha Tin, 2606 7708

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