17 October, 2014
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Whoopee whoopies, Sunday Bakeday’s launched in Hong Kong!

17 October, 2014

We’ve been getting no shortage of baked goods to the office (thank you, cakery gods and goddesses!) and we were intrigued when Sunday Bakeday contacted us. The founder, Onyue Chan, spent a few years in the UK and loved the playful, delectable creations she was seeing in bakery windows everywhere; creations she felt were sorely lacking in the Hong Kong dessert scene.1

Enter Sunday Bakeday, her patisserie love child which started with a few of her closest friends. We didn’t know what to expect when Onyue came to the office and we were delighted to find that she’d brought us a selection of their signature whoopie pies!


The office was instantly abuzz with squealing as we fawned over how adorable each one was. Small enough to fit easily in your hand (though too thick to finish in one bite), they were the perfect hit of sugar for a long day of work. Needless to say, the cameras were a-clicking for these Instagram worthy bites and we tucked in immediately to see if they tasted as good as they looked. We weren’t disappointed.


Onyue had brought over a selection of different bold flavours: fresh strawberry and lime shortbread, nutty Ferrero Rocher, typical Hong Kong condensed milk (with a cheeky butter crouton for a Western kick) and finally, the good old American staple – peanut butter and jelly.


Being something of a shortbread fanatic, I immediately chose the strawberry and lime whoopie pie. Biting into it was a little intimidating as the buttery shortbread was quite firm and I was worried all the beautifully piped cream would come spilling out. Once I worked up the nerve however, I was surprised by the light, refreshing combination of flavours; from the restrained sweetness of the strawberry jam, the buttery and firm texture of the shortbread, to the subtle hint of lime in the generous inch of cream.


Even Shaneli, our Editorial Assistant, couldn’t keep away. She gave in and tried the Ferrero Rocher, which was partially dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. Again, the cookie base was impeccable and the filling was a nutella dream; balancing the sweetness of the chocolate with rich hazelnuts.


The cute peanut butter and jelly whoopie was surprisingly on the sweeter side and made me nostalgic for my childhood, with tender, flavoursome cookies that had us chasing every last crumb. There was no disputing that the condensed milk one was amazing as well, even if we were a little apprehensive of the buttered crouton sitting atop it (never fear, it was delicious!).


Sunday Bakeday’s whoopies had us all in the office going gaga, with one of our ladies loudly proclaiming through a mouthful that they were ‘better than sex’. You can absolutely taste the quality in each rich bite and all of their products are deceptively light. We’ve got nothing but great things to say about their whoopies, but we’re keen to try out their other and constantly expanding list of recipes: naked layer cakes, soft baked cookies, cupcakes and more.

This bold bakery definitely deserves a spot on the Hong Kong dessert scene and you can place an order with them online, or head on over to Brew or Drip, a quirky coffee shop in the Landmark, that will be selling their products from November onwards. Make sure to head over to their stall at the Island East Market this Sunday to meet the team and try their goods in person!

Sunday Bakeday, www.facebook.com/sundaybakedayhk, Instagram: @sundaybakeday, email: [email protected]

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