18 September, 2014

Flash those lashes! We try out Suavis Lash Bar in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

18 September, 2014

If you’re looking for a beauty treatment that will instantly make you feel pretty and perfect, then you’ve got to give eyelash extensions a go. The thought of having something glued on to your eyelash might sound a bit off-putting, but the treatment can actually be relaxing and you’ll walk away with luscious lashes that will last. And where can you go in our city to get this lash-enhancing treatment? We tried out the brand new Suavis Lash Bar in Lan Kwai Fong!10537374_791401494215654_1964773915809353817_n

This conveniently located, cute little spot is tucked away on the eighth floor of 1 Lan Kwai Fong building. There are only 3 seats available, so make sure you book in advance, ladies! If you’ve never had eyelash extensions before, here’s a little background for you. Suavis use the Japanese eyelash extension technique where each lash is meticulously grafted to each individual natural lash, leaving a 1mm to 2mm distance away from the root of your natural lashes. Not only will you leave with full and feathery lashes, but you also don’t need to worry, as this technique doesn’t damage your natural lashes!

jenny eyelash_1

Upon arrival, I was given some lounging slippers and asked to recline in a plush leather chair. They even offered me a blanket in case I got too cold from the air conditioning… very considerate if you ask me; especially since HK air-conditioning is arctic cold! Before the start of the treatment, you’re asked to pick your lash style. Choose from ‘natural’ ‘cute’, ‘sexy’ or ‘glamourous’… what a selection! The store manager, Claudy, recommended that I choose ‘cute’. The ‘cute’ style applies longer lashes to the centre of the lash line, which apparently helps to make eyes appear larger and rounder!

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The treatment took around 1.5 hours to complete and you must keep your eyes closed throughout. This is quite long a long time, so I recommend you bring your iPod to listen to or just relax – I actually fell asleep for most of it! The strips of tape they put under your eyes are slightly uncomfortable, however it’s needed to avoid your top and bottom lashes sticking together.


Obviously this meticulous treatment does not come cheap, clocking in at around $800. However, I would say it’s definitely worth a try especially if you have a special event to attend, as the results are instant and very dramatic. My new lashes have saved me 10 minutes each morning, as I hardly need to apply any makeup! It’s like having permanent mascara on all the time, and best of all you won’t get panda eyes in a sudden HK shower…

I had around 60 lashes added to each eye and they’ve already lasted a good 3 weeks, which is the longest lasting time I’ve experienced with eyelash extension treatments. The staff at Suavis are very professional, so I felt comfortable that I was in good hands and I would definitely recommend them if you want to try out this lash-enhancing treatment!


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