5 Summer Hats You Can Actually Pull Off

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Hat Attack Panama Continental Hat

Classic and easy to pair with any outfit, you can’t go wrong with a Panama hat. Originally made from straw, the Panama hat is lightweight and breathable, keeping your head cool in the HK heat! It looks great with simple, sophisticated clothing and is ideal for warm climates… we love the way our former That Girl Geneva of A Pair And A Spare wears hers with clothes from one of our our favourite Hong Kong-based brands, Grana.


Available on Shopbop here for $932.


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Eugenia Kim Sunny Hat

If you’re looking for the perfect, fabulous hat for your summer holiday, you can’t go wrong with this floppy Eugenia Kim number. Made from Toyo Paper and Cotton, it’s soft and elegant yet still retains it’s shape. The best part? The sequinned lettering on the brim of course! The “Do Not Disturb” text gives this otherwise plain hat a Sassy edge and will look great in those Instagram pics by the pool…


Available on Shopbop here for $3,768.89


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Ace of Something The Hamilton Medium Hat

For something sturdy that will stay on all day as you pound the pavements and hit up all those major tourist sights, this Ace of Something ‘The Hamilton Medium Hat’ is ideal. The cute, rounded top has an Oxford punting vibe to it and the firm brim is guaranteed to keep the sun out of your eyes!


Available on Shopbop here for $1,515


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Indego Africa Tex Hat with Sisal Beads

If you’re after a hat that’s a bit different, why not try this quirky Indego Africa ‘Tex Hat’? The cute and colourful beads around the brim will add some fun to your summer wardrobe and spice up a plain outfit. Go the colour block route and match your dress or top with one of the many coloured beads for a fun, fresh look that will pop!


Available on Shopbop here for $1,360


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Hat Attack Wool Felt Round Crown Floppy Hat

Keep it simple and go for a plain black hat that can see you through summer to autumn and winter. This felt hat from Hat Attack is stylish and chic, and can easily blend with different styles. Go for a festival feel with a kaftan or rock some studded booties and jeans for completely different feels. This one is all about styling and making it suit whatever mood you’re in!


Available on Shopbop here for $777


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