4 August, 2016
a table spread of Mediterranean food at wild thyme kowloon
a table spread of Mediterranean food at wild thyme kowloon
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Wild Thyme: A Hidden Gem offering Authentic Mediterranean and Vegetarian Fare

4 August, 2016
a table spread of Mediterranean food at wild thyme kowloon

Let your taste buds run wild at Wild Thyme


Hong Kong has a few options for those craving a little Mediterranean food – from Ebeneezers to Olive, they vary by cost, quality and authenticity. Having only been open for a year and a half, Wild Thyme is relatively new on the scene. And like so many of this city’s businesses, Wild Thyme is situated on the upper floor of a nondescript commercial building, but do not let this façade detour you – what lies within is so worth it!

the interior of wile thyme in kowloon hong kong


Many of you are no doubt familiar with the struggle to choose a restaurant that pleases everyone – the stress, the frustration, the hanger… It’s just not healthy.

Being in a Veg/Omni relationship, I can definitely say that I have experienced these trials and tribulations. Upon opening in 2015, Wild Thyme had an exclusively vegetarian menu, but as of March of this year meat options have been added to please the determined carnivores – thus the perfect place for the boyf and I to try out!

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salad at wild thyme kowloon


Fortuitously we sampled every section of the menu; Salads, Hot and Cold Mezze (starters), Wajbat (mains), and Helwyat (desserts). First up – three salads, the Tabouleh ($80), the Fattoush ($85), and the Kale ($110) salad. I am a devoted fan of Fattoush, and this version did not disappoint. The super crispy pita perfectly contrasts with the supple lettuce leaves and juicy tomatoes chunks. Topped off with a zesty lemon, herb and olive oil dressing, this salad is totally delicious and not overdressed. Although not your typical Mediterranean fare, the Kale salad deserves a special mention, simple yet flavourful, it was tossed in a delightful avocado dressing – absolutely avo-mazing!

a platter of cold mezze at wild thyme kowloon

The hot and cold mezze platters arrived next. First – and what I was anticipating the most – came a platter of six dips. We were served a traditional Hummus ($80), Hummos Har ($90), and Baba Ghanooj ($80) along with three Chef Tarek originals, Truffle Hummus ($100), Jalapeno Dip ($95), and Wild Thyme Dip ($95).

pita bread and dip from wild thyme

The traditional, Hummos Har (spiced with chilli oil) and Truffle Hummos both ranked highly. However, if you are a sucker for spice the Wild Thyme dip supplies that mega burn. This chunky, smokey creation consists of roasted nuts slathered in a chilli dip – and it stole my heart! You will not easily be able to pick a fave as ALL of these dips are so flavourful, especially when accompanied by the oven fresh pita bread.

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a hot mezze platter from wild thyme kowloon

Despite already feeling stuffed, we mustered on to a tasting platter flaunting some of the hot mezze dishes, including: the Spicy French Fires ($65), Falafel ($70), Kibbeh ($90), and grilled Hallumi ($100). I was most curious about the Kibbeh, which is a traditional dish consisting of a fried, crispy shell of cracked wheat stuffed with homemade mince and pine nuts – delicious! The vegetarian Kibbeh contains Chef Tarek’s own faux meat recipe, chicken or lamb options are also available. The Falafel was pleasingly moist enough to consume without any extra sauces or dips – a rare find.

kebab platter from wild thyme

As if that were not enough food, we then had the opportunity to taste four of the main courses! First we tried the Arabic Fried Rice ($100), which is a light wild rice dish with crispy mince, toasted almond, cashews, pine nuts and raisins, all tossed in a spice infused oil. I tried the Macaroona El Sanyeh ($110), which is essentially a spicy, creamy, baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese (delish!), whilst my boyfriend sampled the Mixed Kebab platter ($450) – his favourite dish of the night.

mojadra from wild thyme hong kong

Despite being ridiculously full at this point, the Chef asked us to sample one more dish, the The Mojadra ($110), a traditional Jordanian dish – and we couldn’t say no. Luckily, this lighter dish consisted of a fluffy rice and lentil mixture, lying on a bed of spicy, tomato sauce and topped with crispy fried onion – so comforting.

wild rice dish from wild thyme kowloon


Finally, the meal came to a close with a delicate dessert platter. My favourite was the Bozaa ($65), or Arabic ice cream, which was rich, creamy and smothered with pistachios! We also got to sample the Kanafeh ($95) – a soft, sweet cheese topped with shredded pastry and pistachios – perfection!

Both of us, without a doubt, believe that this is currently one of the best places in Hong Kong to get authentic, high quality, unique and flavourful Mediterranean Fare. With friendly staff and a chef who will go the extra mile to ensure each and every guest enjoys their meal, dietary restrictions and all, Wild Thyme is well worth a visit.

Wild Thyme, Lee Wai Commercial Building, 1-3 Hart Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, www.wildthyme.hk


Keen to try out the understated, veggie-friendly Mediterranean resto yourself? You’re in luck! We’re giving away a dinner at Wild Thyme to one lucky Sassy reader, worth $500. Simply enter your details below for the chance to win and indulge in all those delicious dips and authentic dishes!


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