Halloween Costumes: A Couple of Cheesy Character Outfits for You and Your BFF

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Dancing Emojis

Arguably one of every girl’s top five favourite emojis – match up with your bestie for this super simple dancing girls emoji costume. All you need is a pair of black shorts, black T (a black leotard will do!) and some bunny ears or a black bow, and you’re good to go. Everybody loves these happy dancing besties!

Get the look: Shoulderless LeotardLarge Bow available from Shopbop

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Stranger Things

If you’re like any of us here at Sassy and couldn’t get enough of sci-fi Netflix hit series Stranger Things, consider jumping into character yourself! Explore your own parallel universe in search of the other side, as Eleven – the girl with telekinetic powers and her partner in crime, Mike. These youngsters have given us serious costume inspo for 2016! Pull off this look with a quick trick to the thrift shop for a few simple pieces (check out some vintage stores in Hong Kong here).

Get the Look: Pink Drop Waist DressIndigo Army Jacket available from Shopbop

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Sun & Moon

Whether you’re an early riser or a creature of the night, this costume appeals to both parties! As they say, opposites attract – and it appears obvious with this super cute metallic ensemble of gold and silver attire resembling the shimmer of sunlight and the glimmer of a night sky. Pull off this look and you’ll be sure to illuminate the evening’s festivities with your best lady into the wee hours of the morning.

Get the Look: Short Silver RobeMoon & Star Bobby PinsMoon & Star Bangle available from Shopbop

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Shining Twins

An oldie but a goodie, the eerie twins from my personal favourite classic spooky flick, The Shining. The mildly unsettling scene with spooky sisters inviting Jack to play with them for life still sends shivers down my spine – sometimes creepy cute just works!

Get the Look: Any blue tea dress will do – don’t spend much as it will be smothered in fake blood! Add knee high white socks like these and a blue hair clip to the side too. 

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If sweet isn’t the look you’re going for this year, tell the ladies to dig out their leather, fishnets and lather on the dark makeup for the classic KISS collaborative. This one never gets old and can be done up in so many ways. Besides, we all love a good excuse to get back in black!

Get the Look: Rebecca Minkoff Studded Leather BraceletRebecca Minkoff Belt with StudsStudded Moto Jacket available from Shopbop

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Zenon Girl of the 21st century

Okay, can we go back to 1999 and talk about Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century for a second? You remember, that super 90s TV movie about a teenage girl living her best life, growing up in a space station while crushing hard on a rockstar from earth and trying to manage growing up in a space station with bestie Nebula by her side – epic, right? Let’s bring them back with this stylish space-age look, consisting of (but not limited to) neon colours and metallic shades. People don’t forget!

Get the Look: Paint Party CaprisShiny Metallic LeggingsBlack and White Glitter Leggings available from Shopbop

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Black Swan, White Swan

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis awed us with their grace and badass beauty in their Black Swan performance debut a few years back – not overdone and simply elegant, get creative with some black and white leos, tights and lots of feathery glam to recreate the good and bad, yin and yang of ballet queens.

Get the Look: Live the Process Corset LeotardAlix Elizabeth Bodysuit, available from Shopbop

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Netflix & Chill

An ode to Netflix: Oh Netflix, what would we do without you? Entertaining your visitors for hours and hours upon end? Whether one prefers a good laugh or a good cry, you’ve got it all! After a long work week, sometimes all we want on a Saturday night is a glass (or three) of wine, some dark chocolate and our favourite past time of Netflix and chill. Here’s to you!

Get the Look: Simply don your favourite pair of PJs and some cosy socks! Check out the sleepwear section on Shopbop for inspo.

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Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Comic Queens and partners in crime, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy don’t fall short of being fierce. Recreate their badass vibes and befit the power of these rebels without a cause.

Get the Look: Short Leather Gloves available from Shopbop

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Party Animals

It’s safe to say that we Sassy Girls enjoy a good party. For an adorable play on words, grab your best cocktail dress and paint on the face of your favourite wild creature to transform into your ultimate true self, the party animal.

Get the Look: Sequin Shift Dress

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Pokemon & Trainer

Gotta catch ‘em all ladies, and this one caught our eye! How cute is that Pikachu dress?! This year’s release of the Pokemon Go  app has unleashed Pokelady madness throughout the streets of HK. People will be trying to catch you all night.

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Get the Look: Try out this yellow dress as a base for your cute Pikachu costume!

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Favourite Fruit

Sweet and Juicy, an easy DIY costume for you and a friend! With a summer dress and a simple handcrafted headpiece, enjoy the delights of ripe fruit with this fun and flirty easy last minute costume.

Get the Look: Get fruity with this Victoria Beckham Quilted Patch Sweatshirt and these super sweet Fruit Slice converse.

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Take us back to the glorious 90s please, with these extra fab getups inspired by Clueless! Cher and Dionne, fashion icons of their Beverly Hills High school rock the hottest looks of 90s and it’s a look that can be easily recreated.

Get the Look: Rebecca Taylor Tweed JacketDakota Fritz Skirt available from Shopbop

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And one for the whole gang: Forrest Animals

Planning a powwow with the group? Don’t stress – this fun animal group ensemble aims to please all in the cuddliest way! Frolic in the streets of the 852 confidently adorable with your best ladies in this forest animal getup.

Get the Look: Silk Dress with French LaceLoren Maxi Dress available from Shopbop

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