8 September, 2016
mrs pound's new brunch
mrs pound's new brunch
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Malaysian and Local Street Food Favourites at Mrs Pound’s Newest Brunch

8 September, 2016
mrs pound's new brunch

Bloody Mary’s for Breakfast!


This is not a stamp shop! Tucked away on the corner of Pound Lane, this cool and quirky speakeasy is disguised by traditional Chinese stamps, concealing a delicious array of Asian dishes and more recently, a brand new brunch that embellishes Malaysian and local street food favourites… including free-flow Bloody Mary’s! A hidden wooden chop opens up a little retro café, complete with fuchsia walls, neon pink signs and reflective mirrors, a wonderfully tacky atmosphere that’s full of character and the promise of great chow.

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build-your-own bloody mary station at mrs pound


Like all good boozy brunches, Mrs Pound doesn’t scrimp on the free-flow! In fact, they’ve taken weekends to the next level with a build-your-own Bloody Mary station ($110) that promises to cure even the worst of Hong Kong hangovers. Admittedly feeling a little worse for wear myself, I can vouch for the magic combination of tomato juice, hot sauce and a selection of flavour-infused vodkas (if you’re looking for a drink with a kick, go for the Tom Yum!), topped off with a good ol’ Lap Cheung Sausage!

two bloody marys

Egged on by Mary herself, and feeling considerably better at this point, we may have also opted for the three hour free-flow package ($150)… A dangerous combination, but one that’s sure to please a large group of brunch-goers with their endless selection of house red and white wines, Prosecco, Bellinis and mimosas. A word of warning – the Rasberry Bellinis are delicious… and just as dangerous.

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chicken katsu curry sandwich from mrs pound


Growing up in Asia, I’m no stranger to scoffing down bowls of rice for breakfast, so after surveying the menu, I was really happy to see a great mix of classic breakfast favourites like the Traditional Big Breakfast ($168) amongst Sichuan Dry Rubbed Ribeye Steak ($248) and Chicken Katsu Sandwiches ($80).

collage of mrs pounds brunch hong kong

Unlike most, there isn’t an all-you-can-eat food option at Mrs Pound, but quite honestly, it was refreshing to not feel twice my size, cradling a swollen belly at the end of my meal! We enjoyed being able to pick dishes that we loved, with the option to order more. There wasn’t any pressure or obligation to ‘make our money’s worth’ (although we most certainly did with the drinks!) as the dishes were great value for money.

With each dish (breakfast and lunch options) priced individually, we indulged in delicious Coconut Jam filled Kaya Toast ($88) – a MUST try! – and a generous portion of Lamb Fried Rice ($128) before giving in to the Avocado Smash with a silky Poached Egg and Pesto Cheese ($128). The mix of Malaysian (a cuisine close to my heart!) and contemporary Asian street food is a marriage of classic flavours, and guaranteed to add flare to your ‘average’ weekend jolly.

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flat lay of food from mrs pound


Although it was a little strange wining and dining amongst neon and strobe lights during the day, you can quickly lose track of time as you tuck in to flavourful fare and sip on morning mimosas! With the rainy weather that weekend, we felt really cosy tucked away from the hustle and bustle, but I could see that on a gorgeous Hong Kong summer’s day, you might crave a little sunlight and vitamin E!

If you’re ready for a weekend with a good group of friends that’s different and above all, delicious, I’d highly recommend booking in and brunching the day away in this quirky hidden hub.

Brunch is available every Saturday and Sunday between 12-3pm! To make a reservation for a group of six or more, call 3426 3949.

Mrs. Pound, G/F Ming Fat House, 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Tel: 3426 3949, www.mrspound.com

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